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From the Traveling Piano Man:

The Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration journey now in its ninth year is alive and strong. The mission: Fun, Friendship and Respect with Musical, Empowerment and Inspiration at no cost and without Commercial, Organizational or Political affiliation... Music for People to Discover. The Traveling Piano is my full time work. Most people do not know this but I do not get paid a cent for my work. I am not independently wealthy and use no welfare system. No tips or funds are solicited from the Traveling Piano truck. All costs incurred since the beginning of the journey in 2006 have been paid for with the remains from the sale of my home. Also, I live in providence with trust and faith. The people I meet often share basic necessities. I do not project neediness into my work. What has made the Traveling Piano unique is its unconditional nature of giving without the need for attention, validation or any exchange of money.

There is no performing or entertaining with the Traveling Piano. People find Piano Dog Mo hanging out on top of the piano while I am creating improvisational music from the back of the pickup truck. It all happens through synchronicity... in the woods, by a lake, on a beach, a city street, on top of a mountain, in a neighborhood driveway... literally there have been thousands of unique places and environments where people find us. The spontaneity that ensues creates a relationship. Everyone willingly participates via the piano seat. It is a safe space. Friendship and respect materialize with trust that happens through the language of music and one-on-one relating. Sometimes it is only for a minute. One minute is enough. The experience without question creates a "wow" factor for everyone and especially for people who have never played with a piano... do not think they can play... or who have been psychologically damaged from music lessons in their early years. The Traveling Piano has a one hundred percent success rate in creating wonderful and often life changing experiences through music.

I would like for this to continue. The Traveling Piano's success has been publicly documented every day since 2006. On the Traveling Piano website you will find at least 70,000 pictures, videos, written detailed logs, improvisational music pieces and slideshows of over 50,000 different people from all walks of life. They all have enjoyed their own personal music; many for the first time ever. The Traveling Piano has been shared freely and without advertisement of any sort. How often do you encounter a random situation with a stranger in life... that does not demand attention for itself in some way and where a gift is presented with no obligation or expectation of a return. Obviously, it costs money to keep everything going and I am almost out of funds. I need your help to keep the magic alive. The fact is there are needs, specifically... the Traveling Piano truck must be restored immediately. Currently, there are not enough funds to continue non-commercially through another year without your support. Please help out.

There are many routes for me to take in raising money but there is always business involved in some way. Seeing as the Traveling Piano is about personal relating, I prefer to ask for contribution personally. A one time gift or... please consider becoming a sustainer for the Traveling Piano. A monthly recurring gift of 3, 11, 20, a hundred dollars or whatever you can give would not only help keep the Traveling Piano going, it would encourage me tremendously. I have found that many people have little experience in giving simply for the sake of "giving" in of itself. Giving makes life work better. Try it on behalf of the Traveling Piano. Pure and honest random acts of personal kindness in the world without commercial agenda... we all need as much of that as possible. How amazing it has been for me to enter into situations such as the devastation of hurricane Katrina, onto the campus memorial area after the student massacre in Virginia Tech, into the tornado areas that destroyed a large part of Joplin Missouri, the hurricane Sandy affected areas of New York or on the local playground in Sandy Hook Connecticut after the school shootings there... and be able to lift spirit. No one knows we are present except for those who find us. The Traveling Piano is personal. It has been awesome to be able to create relief for others in moments of despair and to have a fun while creating relief appropriately through spirit, a dog named Mo and a piano in the back of a pickup truck in the most difficult of life situations.

The Traveling Piano has had the good fortune and grace to be able to bring music into areas where other musicians rarely travel... to rural places where people have never before seen a piano... into small Mexican fishing villages, to the most northeastern tip of Newfoundland, into the Alaskan bush as well as the islands off its coast and also back and forth into every corner in the United States. Being a stress reliever for random people in everyday life through a chance meeting wherever we happen to land up, that is great but it is most gratifying personally for me to simply add more fun to someone's life already having a great day. All the scenarios keep me interested through gratitude, reassurance and validation. This my first request for money since the beginning of the journey. There will be no more requests like this. I hope it works and that you will help to share the joy with my continuing to pay forward love... for others, through what life has best to offer, personal relationship through music. Please share a few bucks. Make a contribution. It is easy using Paypal or Bitcoin. You can click on this link... DO IT HERE If you would prefer to help in another way please let me know via the contact link. Below, you will find an address to use if you would like to send a check, cash or money order. Where there is a will, there is a way. If you need help in getting a contribution to me, we can figure out how to do it together. One more idea... below are materials (pictures, text, videos) for people to download and use to send to friends and potential supporters. Please contribute! Looking forward...

All the best,

Danny Kean
The Traveling Piano Man with Dog Mo
215 639 9378

Check/Cash or Money Order:
Danny Kean
9303 State Road
Philadelphia PA 19114

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Do you notice there is nothing commercial here? Giving for the sake of giving, its a very good thing, it feels great.

Music can heal the world. It is a language everyone understands.

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