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July 12, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yesterday I began talking about a disconnect I have in life. Music is one of them. The idea of enjoying music, healing music, living music, others enjoying my music, the need for music, all of the life's benefits that music creates... I must reach out for to realize. My mother encouraged me to enjoy music but I never felt that enjoyment for my own. When I decided to make music my career it was only because I had nothing else going for me. When people are blown away or deeply emotionally touched by my music and for sure happens... I feel like, "what"? Of course I respond with gratitude and compassion. But my own appreciation for my music, I need to reach for. I have had moments of total emersion with the music of others and as well as my own but they are temporary moments.

Actually a few have lasted a life time... Pat Metheny and a random girl in Israel I saw just sit down and play for a few minutes in a restaurant, they inspired my improvisation. Stevi Wonder with his giving nature through music has inspired me to share music. People like Stevi Ray Vaughn who's truth of spirit in the most stimulating of joyful ways boggles my mind, there are many musicians who have boggled my mind with emotion and spirit and everything else when I think about it. But in general, in my mind... music is not important and just "meh." Isn't that crazy? I must decide to consciously realize what music is and means and how it feels... the importance of it.

July 11, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was trying to describe to a friend about what I am going through mentally and physically. (its not pretty) He said it seems like I have a disconnect. That ultimately describes all of my basic difficulties from the start of my life. Always, I have felt disconnect from most of my personal feelings. When I was getting sober many years ago I remember someone saying to me that my feelings are not always fact. That was a huge awakening for me. It created an over 40 year journey to decipher feelings and know which are mine verses which have been implanted from authoritarianism verses which I have embraced in life but not from within. Feelings of passion, empathy and compassion I know clearly and come naturally.

So does gratitude and relief or maybe I should say release. Joy, satisfaction, nirvana, being part of, secure, loved, appreciated... those are feelings that I must consciously embrace and/or reach out for. The idea that I am alone and there is no one to care for or about me in life, that no one will reach out for or to me unless I ask... those thoughts come from a disconnect in reality. By nature desire, that is when another disconnect enters. I must constantly choose to desire what I really want when I can decide on it. Decisions... another disconnect which I have written about probably more than anything else on this blog.

July 10, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

So I have the truck piano and speaker sitting in the one small room that has no room to have the piano and speaker stored in. But, with it impossible to use on the truck right now with the heat... it is what it is. I've not tried to turn anything on. I want it to sit in a decent room temp for awhile. Its been sitting in 150º daylight heat under the tarp for weeks. I absolutely must create some music for myself. I am losing my finger dexterity, I am losing my mind. Next I need to get the piano stand and bench from my friend Eric's garage. It is stored on the roof of it. Driving the truck there in the heat will be taking a chance as to whether it will make it or not. Finding a new carburetor and someone to do it and in a timely manor God, I hope it will not be difficult. That search needs to happen right now. If you are reading this, please make a contribution. There are links at the top of this page for Spotfund and Venmo and of course the contribution page.

July 09, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today is my 69th Birthday. It was uneventful. With everyday being at least 120º outside and my being not in good shape, most of today was spent trying to organize fundraising. The last two times I was out with the Traveling Piano which was on the 1st of July and then again a few days ago it was without Mo. One time I almost fainted, the next time it was just totally stifling. The equipment under the tarp has been frying in the truck as it is usually at least 40º hotter under the tarp. That translates into just sitting in 150º heat all day long. I shut it down today, took out the speaker and piano and will let it sit in my room for a day before testing to see if any of it works. This is not the first time I've shut the work down. A few years ago I blew a head gasket while working with the truck in the heat and was out of commission for over a month. Wish we had a place to go where it is cooler but it looks like most of the country is in heat. Humidity and heat would be worse for me personally.

July 08, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I are living one day at a time. Everything is moving slower and slower but it is still moving. Thankfully, I have an air conditioner, a room, I do not want to think about the Traveling Piano truck and piano baking in the heat but it is in a safe parking lot, I have enough money to pay my rent, plenty of food, friends I can rely on and Mo... we take a walk in the middle of the night and just love each other in every moment. For this blog I have begun posting past journey images of snow in the cold. Lol... imagery can help as the world fries outside the door. Meanwhile, the writing for this blog is just my thoughts in life for now. The photos of people playing the piano are from last month because... there is no piano playing for now with the heat. I cannot travel anywhere for lack of funds to fix the truck (I am working on that, please help) and to stay anywhere.

July 07, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas registered 120º at the airport today. That means at least 126º outside my door. It has not gone below 110º in at least a week. Tonight I was trying to get a young drugged out kid dying on the sidewalk to drink some water and eat a sandwich. He attempted to tell me how he cannot understand why his friends left him. One thing that drugs addicts do not know is that they have no friends who are also drug addicts. When you are in the drug state there is nothing else but you... a helpless... you.

Someone else I know lost friend this week. It happens several times a year for them. The police murdered the friend because he had a knife in his hand and was probably high and scared shitless. Cops who murder people are nothing more than weak cowards and there are a lot of them. Anyway, the person feels devastated that they are constantly losing close friends. I want to say to them, "When are you going to wake up that you may be next as a drug addict yourself. Your friends are dying directly as a result of drug addiction. You have no other friends then drug addicts. Do you not see the specific pattern in why everyone dies in your life?" When a person is addicted to drugs, they unfortunately cannot get honest about that. At the same time know the truth but are helpless to respond, sometimes even to save their own life. That is where, But for the Grace of God enters.

So, this as many of my friends know is an aspect of the Traveling Piano's work, to care with empathy and compassion for those suffering. It happens through the trust I have built with the Traveling Piano, the music and people like you who help us to do what needs to get done.

July 06, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a solution for the troubles of the world. I am talking about for the safeguard of our soul. It is not an easy solution for most of us. It is what it is. Every single day, we must take action in some way and with conscious intent to want, have and create gratitude and joy for ourselves, empathy and compassion and we must stay cognizant as to why we want all this. We must pray, meditate or do something to center our minds or at least try to, for the sake of asking direction from the universe. Take a look around at all the fakes... they own "none" of the qualities I mentioned. Look behind their facade, they are as zombies following the trends and show no personal light while also acting in darkness at the same time while thinking they are for real. It is not possible to have both light and darkness of ways at the same time. It is only possible to have degrees of one or another. We choose through willingness of a direction in spirit and by nature the willingness that ebbs and flows through life in mind and body.

July 05, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a balance necessary as we live in a "real" world where being "intuitive and intelligent" is a must. Peace comes from the practice of flowing... intent. The reality I have lived throughout life is being changed and re-written by false information via the internet. Alternate realities that do not serve humanity are being fed to newer human minds who just accept what they see or hear from others. AI is the new form of authoritarianism. It came about through human greed and self-centeredness. Both young and old are accepting fabrications of reality made by internet bots while thinking they are legitimate sources of information and real. And worse, no one is being taught critical thinking, how to question or the fact that individual thinking and questioning is so very important for our lives. Suppression of mindful freedom, exploration and discovery is being suppressed and being replaced by a wolf in sheep clothing. That would be AI in all of its forms.

July 04, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

What I love most about American Democracy and what makes it different and the best in the world is that America is the only country built on ideals. That includes the choice, the freedom to both fail and succeed. This is why throughout history there has been a constant ebb and flow always, coming out for the better in the end. It is an experiment and that is exactly how life is for everyone in the world. Ebbing and Flowing, Failing and Succeeding. Those who bash America had best learn to appreciate it, find the good in it or else... history shows what will happen. The diversity of culture and everyone we know... will die. We must not be stupid and our hope hope is in voting. That, right now is the only hope and it had better be straight blue no matter what. Everyone had best start supporting that in openly and in every way. Now is not the time to whine. We are all in survival mode.

July 03, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Part of me wants to think that what is happening in the world is just an aspect of growing old, how the ways people think and talk change as do concepts in life throughout the generations. I have observed age throughout life and how when a person gets older complacency steps in, how the world seems like it is going to end at any moment. But, that it is only for that specific individual, their world is ending. So I am cognizant when realizing that the world is... actually ending faster and faster. What is taking it down is the repression of the truth... specifically the truth of spirit. This does not have to be for you and me. Although, it takes a caring a constant nurturing in the truth of spirit. Spirit is nothing more than the energy of gratitude and perceived suffering by nature, understanding, joy, peace and acceptance. We must work to stay in the truth of spirit for ourselves from within... that is key, from within... and not in denial for the sake of others or what is happening to them.

July 02, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano has been on the road for almost 40 years, the same pickup truck with a piano in the back shared freely with everyone. After 20 years as a fee based performance vehicle, for the last 18 years the Traveling Piano has been operating with no fees, tips or commercial affiliation... no hook and with nothing but with pure Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect through Empowerment and Inspiration. Piano Man Danny Kean with his first pup Bo-ner in spirit and now Traveling Piano pup Mo, we have been focused on community outreach and especially for those struggling in life. Over 100,000 people have been on the piano seat and all through one-on-one individual musical interactions. Having originated in Philadelphia, PA the Traveling Piano has established itself now as a Downtown Las Vegas icon for the last eight years. Travels have happened throughout the entire Northern Hemisphere of America. The journey has been blogged daily since 2006 on this Traveling Piano, very old school style website.

July 01, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano operates in the most simple way possible without financial reserves, obligations, expectations, salaries or self-serving agenda for attention. 100% of all contribution is put into the truck, work and equipment. Online fundraisers happen only when the situation becomes dire for truck and equipment needs. The act of not accepting contribution in person with the Traveling Piano experience keeps the agenda pure. It creates trust and opportunity for healing in vulnerable environments where communities are severely hurting from tragedy. Giving freely without an exchange leads to intimate and personal interactions of trust and is a huge aspect of why the Traveling Piano's work has been successful.

Currently the Traveling Piano truck is in a dire situation. Funding is necessary in order to continue operation. Specifically, a new carburetor and brakes are needed and for the sake of present-ability, serious cosmetic work as in a paint job, new front window and a replacement dashboard to get the speedometer and emergency lights working. The heat is destroying the piano and its sound system and a backup keyboard and speaker is necessary. Over the years people have suggested a new vehicle. This will not work considering the Traveling Pianos unique life and deep emotional and personal history. Cleaning it up and restoring its parts is the only way to go. The world needs the Traveling Piano's mission of truth in spirit. It is a safe space with positive energy and love and lets not forget the fun for all who come in contact with it. We all need fun now especially, eh? Will you help keep it alive? Please contribute... again and again. Just once is great too! And please share this contribution link on your social media and in groups.



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