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June 30, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Someone I interacted with on the Traveling Piano four years ago emailed me saying what I shared musically with them really stuck and they wanted permission to share it in a music workshop. Everything I say and do is to be freely for others and to share as long as they do not claim it for their own or capitalize on it. So that got me thinking how I've never really wrote out my process into words for this blog or anywhere else for that matter. Since I've not been doing much in my heat related foggy state of mind, here it comes. Just read downward in the blog entries as the days go on backwards from this point until the end.

My process... At the age of fifty after having been a musician for my entire life I was at a music concert and heard music in of itself for the first time ever. There was no musician, there was no me, there was only music. That night, with a feeling of awe, I drove into a cemetery where it felt most safe for me and I did this...

June 29, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

... II simply played one musical note and held onto it for dear life. It was mine, I was not going to throw it away. I owned, listened, felt, enjoyed it and then let it go the moment I began to feel stupid. It took fifty years to simply create one note of music as mine and enjoy it. I was not going to throw it away with any negative impulse learned from others throughout life. That was it for my first day.

The second night I drove back and played one note again while owning it but this time I also I meant it. There was a confidence, intent with it with a feeling of consciousness. Again, as soon as the negative thought of being bored entered my brain, I stopped. That was it for my second night. I was not going to destroy the feeling of ownership, love, gratitude, appreciation and interest I had in making a simple note of music after fifty years of feeling musically "meh." I never felt musically significant in a personal way before.

June 28, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

... On the third night, I played three notes owning them and while meaning them I thought, a bird makes three sounds and they call it music. If I make three sounds is it not music? Screw what anyone else thinks... I was making music, creating "my" music. And then I stopped because I did not want to destroy the feeling with any other thought.

Then every night I would go and began to just mess around playing random notes with a fuck what anyone thinks attitude. (judgement played a big part in my musical life) I kept it short every night. There was no thought of my own. I did take in the feeling of environment, the sky, the darkness of the night, trees around me, the other sounds contributing to my own musical sounds like the wind, birds, an airplane flying over, etc... the feeling of it all. The notes were full of freedom with total abandonment of thought and simply fun. Afterwards I asked myself, was I just playing around? And then I thought, it is called playing the piano. Always adding, fuck them if they can't take a joke. I am a piano "player" as it is called "playing" the piano and I am playing. No one says to a child playing in a yard, you play bad. I am playing!

June 27, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

... The challenge was to know when to stop. So every time, for no more than sixty seconds I played and forced myself to stop before any thoughts begin to happen. I would stop before I was done. This way I was always wanting more and would want to return the next day. If I stopped when I had my fill there was a chance that would be it. Having my fill and could not guarantee that I would want to fill up again. Leaving with a strong enough feeling of wanting more would almost guarantee a return. It was like sex... if I did not go over the top, that need to fulfill oneself, the need for completion well, I'd be back because I am not done! Lol, do you know?

June 26, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

... I hold down the last note with purpose and specific intent to end my musical communication everytime. This is for the sake of respect when I lift it to hear a moment of silence. That silence is not even a second in time. It is a moment of respect ...full of appreciation, wonder, exploration, interest... and in that moment is where all the information of what I just played enters my soul. It is the "now" moment. For some people the "holy spirit" moment. It is an indiscernible space in time where miracles happen, the quiet spot people seek in meditation for information. But really when all is said and done, it is just respect... through fun, stimulation and joy. It is a knowing... void of any negative connotation.

June 25, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

... My musical language that developed through time comes from those moments of respect. None are lost and none are in my mind. There is nothing to remember. I tell people when they have their own experience of it on the Traveling Piano that the music they created will be forever. If they do not play again for ten years, the very moment that they do, it will begin where they left off. We do not ever lose the stimulation or memory of something awesome when we return to the act. We remember every time simply adding to the last time. I remember blogging about this amazing process. "Today I lasted three minutes, then five minutes." After a few months I was improvising music for fifteen minutes at a time while totally immersed and interested the entire time! Some of the sessions ended up being all of one musical breath as in a meditation of almost a half hour.

June 24, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

... I realized we do not learn while doing. We learn when we stop each time with that moment of respect. In that moment, spirit nurtures us with awe and impulses of emotion are translated into reality. We begin to hear our own personal language through music and begin to talk musically with ownership, intent, purpose or just plain fun and chaos. No child simply starts talking language. They start with sounds. They stop after every sound they make and think... what the hell just came out of my mouth? That... is when they learn what just came out of their mouth, not while they are making the sounds.

June 23, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

... When creating music I must remember to not ramble. Sometimes I can't help myself. Rambling is the result of talking musically without taking a breath. The breaths are the moments of respect. They happen instantly, we just need to keep an awareness of taking in those silent, timeless breaths of respect. At first, sixty seconds was plenty of time. It is too short a time for anyone to judge. The best they can do is say, "What the hell was that?" And then I can answer with, "that... was my spirit talking musically for the first time." The sounds were true and beautiful and random like wind chimes even, and what is to be expected, eh? I can go back and begin again, play more music over and over but remember to breath by stopping to be aware of moments, remember the respect part. When I write words and when I talk, I am always stopping and starting by habit. It is the same with talking musically.

June 22, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

... The sustain pedal is down for most of the time while I improvise music. People used to complain about that all the time when I performed in the past. As I began creating my own music I realized why I use the damper pedal so much. It is because... I like it. I enjoy the continuity and overlay of sound it creates. When I began to let go of caring about what others think about my music, guess what? All the complaining stopped. This is because I own and like what I create and... I mean it through the spirit of truth. People can smell the truth. I cannot play a wrong note in this way! When I play the last note while holding it down, I first lift up the sustain pedal and then the note itself. That gives time, room for conscious acceptance of the silence needed to take in what I just communicated musically.

The notes become words, then phrases into sentences that become paragraphs into full improvisations. The breaths of respect become the end of sentences needed to communicate clearly in a musical way.

The short form of all this is... breath and own it, mean it, respect the end.

June 21, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today's photo's from a week ago in Mt Charleston with cool temperatures... I'd probably be going up there more often if I thought the truck would make it. It needs a new carburetor and there is no way Mo or I would survive if it broke down in the heat on the way. So until I find the inertia to do something about that, we sit with a temperature of at least 110º degrees everyday finding ways to cope with what is and life on so many levels of uncertainty. I must say once again who much gratification, appreciation and gratitude I have with Mo by my side in our little room full of comforting "stuff" like my watercolor paintings of both Bo and Mo and myself and single memories from throughout my life that somehow lasted and are still in my possession even after all the travel such as a needlepoint pillow my mother hand made for me, crystals which I enjoy in every moment, my plants, etc...

June 20, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Political religious fakes really need to have a few of their boils popped. I do my best to help them! We must all become actively involved, now... or else. I sent my own messaging to this church down the street from where I live. This just pissed me off so much that I wrote to them and said... "This is not Christian messaging. It is an Insidious Dog Whistle for the sake of Politics from users... "using" the name of Jesus Christ. In the truth of spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ, I call out the authoritarian leaders of this church as FAKES. Shame on you. Take it down. And... Shame on your abomination of the bible's communication concerning liberation and freedom from slavery in relationship to the spirit... as you attempt to hijack that truth by turning it into flag waving nationalism via Galatians 5:1. This is the work of the devil." ...I grew up in this propaganda, it hits me at the core and knew it was wrong as early as age five. They breed an exclusivity that excludes all who do not conform whether they can conform or not. Along with it comes, fear and an understated threat. It is manipulative and controlling and incredibly deceptive in the worst of ways. But most importantly, now it is the communication of a dictatorship and fascism... republicanism as we now know it.

June 19, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

One more day with the temperature at a hundred. The rest of the week it will go up to between a hundred and a hundred twenty so of course I wanted to get Mo out while possible. First we drove to Ikea to get a frying pan. That place is so not customer oriented! No bag (unless you pay) to take your stuff out, they make you do all the checking out by yourself, they stock only what doesn't sell online and now... no cash purchases!!! I told the women monitoring the checkout machines I need to pay cash and do it or else. She did the check out and then had to run to the office for a cash ok. This kind of shopping is happening because customers allow it. Mo was getting weak walking around. I was there with him on purpose because a walk today in the heat was not going to happen. But even inside was draining for him. The ride was very difficult for both of us as I have no air conditioning in the Traveling Piano cab. The heat was terrible.

After Ikea we drove to Spring Mountain Ranch as small state park we discovered a few weeks ago three miles past Red Rock. The world changed. The temperature was in the low eighties with a light breeze. We settled down in the shade of a mulberry tree looking out onto a field of thick lush grass with greenery all around, trees everywhere. Tall mountains filled the view in front of us. The only people there, a father and his little girl across the field. The air was filled with dragonflies and bugs of all kinds. By late afternoon the fireflies began to show with a gold shine. There were butterflies and a variety of birds. One bright orange Flamed-Colored Tanager hung out with us for hours. I had never seen one before. Mo and I we just sat and did nothing but look at all the nature in front of us for over three hours. It was a huge decompression in heaven.

June 18, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night, in the middle of the night, yesterday caught up to me with an incredible aching body, a headache, shortness of breath and zero energy. Once I feel back to sleep with some ibuprofen it was not until 3pm when I woke up. I needed that sleep but so much of the day was gone and I was going to go back out into nature as today was to be the most doable with the temperature. As I began to beat myself up I just told myself to get up and get out onto the street while still possible. While walking to the truck I saw it was a good thing I did not go to the dessert today. You could barley see the mountains because of wildfire smoke. Mo and I had a lot of fun on the street with the air and temperature, perfect.

June 17, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night I was feeling good. I was surprised I was able to do as much as I did today. It is the second day after a big day with the Traveling Piano and usually this is when the energy drop, the crash happens. Mo and I went to the Redrock Canyon overlook while the temperatures are reasonable and it was perfect. The wind was lush and heavenly. There was a truck parked in the one tree shade spot and so I just pulled in next to it to sort of intimidate them away. The truck gave us the shade needed until they left. It worked.In about five minutes they were gone.

It was a couple doing what couples do whenever no one is around and they are cheating on their wives, lol. After they left Mo and I had the place completely to ourselves to just enjoy and create music. People are afraid of the heat now and wildfire smoke from California was drifting in. The media weather hype has worked to my advantage many times. After about an hour people began to arrive for the sunset and we were ready to have a good time. I took Mo for a short walk up a path and had to stop several times to allow him to catch up with me. He is slowing down and down and down but we are still enjoying life and what we do to the fullest.

June 16, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I must be conscious all the time of my mood with the heat. It puts me in a non-functional bad mood. Everyday is averaging 115º where I am. How are we to survive? Mo and the truck and the music equipment, myself... acceptance is key. There is nothing I can do about it. Thank God I have a room, the air at the lowest is around 80º and the air conditioner is working full force to keep it that cool. Late at night we go for a short walk but even then it is over a hundred. Up in Summerland to the west it is ten degrees cooler. It is what it is. I have food, I have Eric for help and my next door neighbor when he's not drunk, lol. We certainly took advantage of every opportunity to be out with the Traveling Piano before this all began and I feel good about that. A solution in order to continue through periods with the Traveling Piano music during the summer will manifest, I have faith in that.

June 15, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I headed into the Spring Mountains to spend time with the Las Vegas Astronomy Club to ponder with the stars and create music with the local Las Vegas community. The Traveling Piano truck almost did not make it. At about 3,000 feet elevation the fuel pump stopped sending gas to the engine, the emergency lights stopped working (the speedometer hasn't worked in months) and when we stopped and I tried giving the engine some power it began to spin out of control. Can we talk fear an hour out of Las Vegas? Once it had a rest and the heat cooled off, we got home ok. In the mean time, what fun in the dark. They be some big telescopes out there!

June 14, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Someone I met four years ago emailed me asking permission to use the process I shared with them to create music at a seminar for teachers. Such a compliment and I wish people knew that what I share is freely given. The only time I would have a problem is if it was for profit or claimed as their own creativity not that I actually even need or want credit for it. I know I have written it down in this blog through the years somewhere but think I want to do it again. After almost twenty years I've repeated information many times just in different ways. It feel really good to know how I have affected so many lives in positive ways. Not having the credit for that or proof on a level for world wide notice has never been a goal. If I could use the fact for positive gain for the sake of myself or others tho... sometimes, I wish but that has never been the intent.

June 13, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Everyday I need to remind myself that while many people are having a life experience the same as mine in many ways, there are those having a life with its thought processes, information, observations and experience completely beyond my imagination and also those living life as I have throughout my life. For example young adults with lots of energy, strength, not a care in the world, focused on trillions of different interests and needs... while at the same time I know the general world population is experiencing the same demise. Is it? I remember when my parents we're my age, all they could feel and see was that the end of the world was imminent. It was really their personal world. So, as I say... every person is living in their own world yet we also live as one. I seem to live in all of them. Most people I know will not have a clue to what I am talking about.

June 12, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

This journey has turned me into a response-able activist. It has empowered me to speak my mind through the truth of spirit from personal experiences I have had with people we have met along the way. It is absolutely crucial that we "all" speak out loud and strong "now" and use words passionate and simulating. Our lives are at stake. The kinds of easily assessable weaponry used to shoot in eleven minutes... 1,000 rounds of gunfire into a country music festival to kill ya all, remember that... the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history on the Las Vegas Strip? Well, your republican politicians and their trump supporters just made it easier to have that happen again with the now fascist majority supreme court reversing the ban on bump stocks and rapid-fire gun accessories and the republican congress blocking any change concerning that. You had best stand up, speak out and vote against trump or else... you will not know what freedom is until you lose it.

June 11, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Trudy called. She helps those living on the streets. "Food Surplus!" Of course I could not resist and went into full blown Traveling Piano Danny get the food out to people living on the streets mode! Mo stayed home and it being 115º did not phase me as I was focused on the job at hand. The sun was setting so the truck seemed ok. I blew a head gasket a few years ago with the truck stopping and starting in the sun. Most of the food was perishable so it had to go fast before spoiling. Fast, I was. The truck cab itself was filled with about fifty huge loafs of specialty bread. You can be sure that was appreciated. I got lots of candy bars, chicken, ham and cheese sandwiches, socks, salads, cheese and some water. Some of that I kept for myself, as much as I wanted. I mean, overabundance for myself is a huge catalyst in my being able to give to others.

June 10, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Global Public Piano Player (yes, thats a thing) Tetsuo Toyooka... from Japan was on the Traveling Piano in the United States of America, Downtown in Las Vegas, Nevada on Main Street today with Traveling Piano Pup Mo! LOL. There are guys who network around the world to find and tell each other where there are public pianos to play and then they use the location as an impetus to travel. Then they log for themselves as a collection how many countries they have visited and played a piano in. Usually they are found in airports, hotels, sometimes on public streets and in parks. Tetsuo found me through a facebook group of these people. Even though I am not a "public piano" I will still share with any individual in public. His cousin who lives in Henderson next to Las Vegas drove him and brought a case of water for me to give to the homeless. She must have checked me out on Facebook. I was like, damm now I need to go give this out because after the sun hits it tomorrow the water will be hot and I cannot carry it up the stairs and back down to refrigerate it. The case was gone in less than ten minutes and driving through just a couple of streets.

June 09, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ya know... we can all do whatever we can do. With the heat, using the Traveling Piano truck for homeless outreach is not possible as I broke the head gasket 2 years ago from stopping and starting in temperatures like this. (it is 110 degrees out my door right now) Mo cannot handle it and having been by my side 24 hours a day for over 14 years, I do not want to leave him home alone for hours at a time. My own strength and capabilities while heading towards 70 years of age... limited. But, when we go out for our short walks at night we still accomplish some love, compassion and care. I can no longer carry bottles of water on my back but we can still take out stuff like bags of chips and meal size "cold" peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Last night we did not have to walk any distance. About 20 of them were distributed in just a four block area from where we live. Want to help out with the ongoing costs? You all know I live with little income. Venmo: Dan Kean 215-639-9378 Paypal ...and... Spotfund

June 08, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I got up early in the morning to go have coffee with a facebook friend I've never met because I wanted to show him the Traveling Piano and what we do. By ten in the morning the sun is already too hot to do anything so we got there at nine. He is very connected with the arts here in Las Vegas and I wanted to ask if he might help with a place to stay in Utah for a few months so we can work and stay alive all three of us the truck, Mo and myself! He goes there often in the summer as he has a place. The temperatures downtown are now over a hundred every day and it is only the beginning of June. Mo needs to be carried up the steps because they are too hot to walk on. His legs collapse in trying to climb. Nothing came from the meeting. The guy has fixed ideas about what he does, why he does it, how things are done and why. I could feel there was no flexibility for my ways that make no sense for him. He has contributed to the Traveling Piano in the past. Who knows why people do what they do when they do it.

June 07, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

PART B: Almost every night was pure hell, intense and torturous. My homework sessions would include crying from my mother's intense frustration and impatience and fear about my future. My brain would "freeze and turn off" in fear. It was not possible to think faster. The impending doom of knowing I would fail, that I was in fact a failure and the chaos that would result was unbearable. In school classes when a teacher would ask the class for an answer to a question... I would "always" go into intense hiding in my mind and try not be visible so I would not be called on. As a result there was no chance of every giving a correct reply. Mo has always responded in positive ways when given the needed time to do so.

It has always been a necessity. So I guess I have given him the patience I have always needed. Of course, I must allow for mistakes so he can choose on his own. There have been some close calls even close to death calls for example off leash as a result but, allowing the freedom of choice has always been worth it and has worked out. Trust and faith comes to mind here. I think all of everything in life wants to please. Our jobs are to give each other and ourselves and everything else the time needed to find the correct choices which includes whatever mistakes that happen along the way. That is what is meant by going with the flow, eh?

June 06, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

PART A: I just realized something that Mo and I have in common. Ever since day one, when given a command he needs time to think. It is always like... I say something and there is a... beat one, two, three, four and then he responds. Otherwise, he is just not capable. He needs the time to think and choose for himself. It is because of early puppy trauma. Everytime abuse would happen after being born, his mind would "freeze and turn off" in fear. The same with me. Hardly ever am I able to respond on the spot to questions or statements put forth that need a quick, coherent and intelligent come back. The information always comes later, afterwards when it is too late.

Writing down my responses helps create a pace where I can think clearly of what I want to say. Throughout life I have always had to rehearse scenarios and the words I will use as a response. Even then, that has often not worked. There have been two primary reasons for this. One is my dyslexia. Two, I was totally traumatized as a child when being asked for homework answers. My mother (who's intent was 100% pure in wanting nothing but good for me) did not realize I had dyslexia and would lose patience while trying to train me to think faster. She did not have the tools to help and did not even know I needed tools or a special way to learn.

June 05, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

For many people, if I do not fundraise in a way that fits into their mindset or conventional ways, for a reason that makes sense to them and/or convenience, they will not contribute. One negative mindset has been that I will not be successful and always struggling so therefore the contribution will go to waste. Often, they just do not want to relate. Really, they just do not want to give freely. Concerning other people's idea of success, what is success or, what connotate a struggle? The fact is... everything is a struggle if your mindset is oriented to "struggle." I have said many times, "acts" of giving are worth much more than the gift for me. Of course the bigger the gift, the more fun! Any outreach I have ever made for support, I have really needed... but even with that still, the physical need has been secondary. My success is in having people just "give" something, anything! It is all about the intent.

I enjoy gifts without obligation or expectation, unconditionally. I want the trust and relationship in that. Never, have I not returned a gift several times over in one way or another and that has been by nature but... not the point. Most people give because they can relate or are moved emotionally, or because they have been manipulated into giving or sold on something, many people need and want all of that. Many need to rationally justify why they are giving. Nothing wrong with that but my interest is in giving simply because I ask. Again, it is a matter of trust and generosity in relationship as well as support. The fact that the overwhelming majority of people cannot comprehend my thought process or do not want to... so be it. In looking back, I have survived and quite successfully in and for my ways. Now, in comparison to how and why others fundraise... is it about comparisons? Lol, fools compare.

June 04, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

If it was not for strangers who took a stand for my self-worth as a gay man, they happened to be heterosexual, I would have committed suicide when I was eighteen years of age. The diocesan roman catholic church I trusted with my mind, body and soul threatened to toss me out. My family tolerated me as a sexual outcast. My community preferred that I simply did not exist. Hence the need to celebrate "Gay Pride" ...that of having a sense of one's own proper dignity or value, self-respect. I stand proud and strong for myself and all those needing respect to be who they are.Happy Gay Pride Month!

June 03, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I just added over 300 photos to this years gallery. Wow, yes I just did that... it took me by surprise, an impulse started it. The work is intensive as I must make thumbnails for all the photos, list them, upload them, check them, sort them... it is good I get these pictures online as they become immortalized in a way. And, there is an online copy on my own server that my friend Wes has run since day one. Funny thing, every time I have looked at the gallery since January, it was confusing me and I did not know why. Now I do. When I listed the photos my dyslexia was in play and I listed them all backwards! I do not think I've ever done that before and when I was viewing them, subconsciously I knew something was wrong. The Traveling Piano photos were all listed in their timeline and although the days were in line, the photos from each day we're listed from bottom to top verses the other way around. The Picture Gallery Archives can be found in the menu to the left of this link or just click here for the present gallery I just added to... 2024 Part 01 Click on any thumbnail to bring up the full resolution.

June 02, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

The computer I use to do my work on is so backward now its use in the world is being phased out. To get a new computer,I need to get new software and learn to do things in new ways. Thats not going to happen. It is difficult enough for me to maintain memory and speed with the habits I have had for the last twenty years. Updating the software is not possible because of price. More than all of that... I pay for ownership not rental. Software is now done online with streaming payments and pricing piece by piece. I will not have that for my life. All of my information and everything about me what I do and how I do, my creativity online given over to a streaming service? Nope. Of course it will be safe and never used, lol. That is a marketing lie proven through the years.

Just like the ICloud storage concept. Never used it, never will. Again, I own my work, my life, my brain. The browser I use works for about 50% of the internet now. It is being phased out as all the other browsers I can use on my computer. My ability to travel the world on the internet, being phased out. This, because the internet is being controlled and manipulated for the self-serving profit of a few. And, because I just do not want my information to be tracked and used for the profit of others. The free flowing internet ended many years ago. For example, seeing information from Europe in a search. I use a VPN now and the address is usually running from Canada. This because the ISP I am using is on a public line easily hacked. I can still download media from the internet that new systems will not allow without monetization. Because of my using a VPN, search engines will only give me Canadian search results.

Facebook censors all news from America as a result. It is so messed up as in wrong. Most people cannot use or see the website now and with AI... the end is near for all of us. For me and my old ways... very near the end. It is ok and is my choice. One of the advantages of maturity is in the learning of what I can live with and without. Also, when to just stop and get off the technology train. I live a very well life with not giving Amazon any of my business. I've never used AirB&B in my travels. I do not pay for Netflix. If you do not start, you will not get caught in the traps they set to use you for profit in a way that you cannot let go of. They are really bad companies for me and I knew it from the start. Now with AI... while possible I will reject it in my life. AI is already beginning to phase me out of the internet world. So be it, I will not play into its hands.

June 01, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am the King of Parking, I am the King of Packing, I am the King of Cooking on a Small Burner with a Teeny Weenie Sink next to it and No Counter Space. Five gallons of soup with beans, fried sausage, fresh tomatoes, garlic, spinach, zucchini squash, carrots, corn, string beans, onion, celery, mushrooms, beef broth, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning. Yummer! (the only downer is it takes all day because of the lack of space) Also, I cooked more food for Mo to freeze and have. That would be fish, rice and carrots. Cooking for Mo has been working out for the good!