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September 30, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

On this last day of September we managed to head once again to Redrock Canyon as tomorrow starts a new season and the park will be closing an hour earlier. One more night way up high with the stars. I rushed to get there. After parking I pulled out my lounge chair and flopped in it. The sun was already behind the mountains going down. A woman began to interact with Mo. She was there with her husband and three boys on a 25th wedding anniversary vacation. They we're from Indiana and as down home as can be, really sweet and special and real. They left and after sharing the Traveling Piano with a few other people, just before it got too dark a vehicle pulled up real slow next to us and I looked to see five incredibly good looking young Koreans with camera's pointing and looking stunned, in total awe. To see the wonder, the joy of people discovering the Traveling Piano... life can not get much better for me to give people the experience of that very moment... that of discovery, the spontaneity and synchronicity in hearing the music and feeling the fun and instinctively knowing the respect that is present for them.

They are already in awe with nature when they find us. The Traveling Piano just takes everything over the top. Of course I had to take the moment and empower it, inspire it further by getting them all on the truck. One of the girls played the piano very well and picked perfect music to play. They we're all IT colleagues here in Las Vegas for a convention. Meeting people from around the world and also locally and from all walks of life in nature, in a specific setting like tonight which is very personal, this is the very best. I can feel people's natural good energy in this environment and then to have that connect with the music and the uniqueness of the piano on the truck with Mo and me in the present moment... I can feel what they feel and know it so well now. The energy never, ever waivers. it is 100% always a total high in being alive. To be a connector for such beauty and wonder on all levels for the best that life can offer, my being able to play a part in all that is good well, my gratitude also never, ever waivers. It feels the same, as good as it can get every single time and after all these years.

September 29, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

In wanting to make use of these last few late opening seasonal days for RedRock canyon and the fact that they stopped the reservation fees, I wanted to go again today. That would have been four days out in a row with the Traveling Piano. It did not happen as I was up late watching a new documentary called 11 Minutes on Paramount +, about the mass shooting here in Las Vegas with 58 people dead and almost 900 shot five years ago on October 1st. As the event happened 4 miles down the street from where I live, I remember almost completely distanced myself from the reality. I'm still processing it. For some reason maybe God kept me out of the chaos because had I rushed into help, I would not have been able to handle it physically or emotionally. The movie was perfect, difficult to watch, I cried and heaved several times because it focused on the people it happened to and not the murderer or any other bullshit used to objectify the tragedy. I really couldn't do much today. Also, my rent is going up again mid-lease at $25 a month because management decided to put into effect a tiny clause in the contract that has been there to opt out of or be penalized when signing the lease. It has been there for the six years I've been renting. They are looking for me to leave so they can raise the rent to a new renter. I am sure they are not finished with their trickery.

September 28, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

We went out for the third night in a row as I wanted to literarily practice the piano again. Redrock Canyon is open until 8pm until the end of the season which is Friday because it gets dark earlier now. So, I figured no one would be there at the top overlook once it got dark and I would have an hour all alone to practice. That did not happen once we began to meet people with the sun setting and then, it was just so beautiful alone with Mo in the pitch black up high with the stars that I simply switched off between creating music to laying in a special lounger chair I had with me.

September 27, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I forced myself into the desert to spend some time with Mo and to create some music. It was late in the afternoon enough, the sun was almost down and the temperature not so hot. After creating music at an overlook we headed to another spot with no people where I could actually practice some music again as I did last night. A few years ago I purchased a headband flashlight that I've never used. It was awesome and amazingly practical for reading sheet music in total darkness. Even with hiking in the dark, why have I not used this before??? There are few bugs around right now so not many were attracted to the light. I was thinking of it only for an emergency while on the road traveling. I once almost died on one humid night looking for toll money in the dark, in the back of the truck through all my bags while heading to Alaska. Anyway, just Mo and I tonight, it was awesome.

September 26, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I did not mention yesterday how I fell down a rabbit hole the night before and was up until 6am looking for all my sheet music repertoire from the past, online. It happened from a feeling of desired nostalgia. And, I kept going when I found a special piece that I've looked for since the beginning of the journey in a University sheet music library. I can barely play anything anymore and have forgotten 96% of what I knew since Covid. When I woke up I looked into a binder to see I had most of it already! Mo and I went to a deserted street downtown and I practiced the piano with sheet music. This is something I have done for many years. It was fun and I actually enjoyed it. That, and creating some musical improve on the street just for me, Mo and the Universe. Today I created a new slide show that took about five hours to do, something that should have taken under an hour. But again... clarity is a challenge. The music is really nice. The visual quality with the transitions could be better.

September 25, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The third list of three sections in the promo piece that I am creating will list what the Traveling Piano is and does. Wow, this is the most difficult, to pick just three? Somehow I will pick three out of... the fact that the Traveling Piano has been a performance/entertainment vehicle, a journey vehicle and also a community outreach vehicle. The music is now all improvisational from a stream of consciousness and creates an ambience giving people a feeling of beauty, peace and serenity. The Traveling Piano serves as a space holder for those in need of healing from hurt, insecurity and anger, and especially devastation. It serves as an opportunity for strangers to become less afraid of each other, an opportunity for a short intimate relationships through music.

The Traveling Piano presents music as a common element to bring people together. The experience is a sharing and giving opportunity for those who have never created music, do not think they can play a piano or who have been psychologically damaged from music lessons. Everyone plays and creates music on the piano to have a shared experience of discovery, validation and reassurance... some musical fun, friendship and respect through empowerment and inspiration. And lastly that there has been over 100,000 one-on-one interactions with people with all that. Wow! Now, how am I going to get all that down into three simple sentences.

September 24, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

After yesterday, there was nothing physically I could do today except take Mo for a long walk, that and update this blog which took hours. I would have liked to go create music on the street but that takes a lot more energy than simply walking. Anyway, I am done now with providing food and other resources for the homeless unless someone offers to provide food, water, hats, blankets, etc... someone else will need to do all the work involved so I just can go pick it up and take it out to distribute. But, I know that no one will do that unless I ask so... you know, even asking people to contribute in anyway is training draining as fuck. It has been six years of joyful doing what I have done, did that, done. With the time left on this earth, there are more equally significant ways to give and love. Providing some love and peace through music for radical people living in hate or gaslit in the head... they need what I have to offer as much as those living on the streets maybe even more, sometimes. I'll always have water and powerade to share when I am out and about on the streets, just will not be doing it with the conscious drive, effort or intent that has been.

September 23, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Woke up, got myself together a bit, made about fifty peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, wrapped them all up, packed them, packed about fifty bottles of water and Powerade into insulated bags, carried it all down the stairs to the truck and hit the streets with it all... for the last time! People still ask for the music. Ok, I get the message... the music is more important than anything else. After everything was gone, in the dark I went back to a street where one guy asked me to create some music and did just that. A neighbor I have never met happened by and got onto the piano. We talked... maybe too much because he ended up being a conspiracy theorist and I have no tolerance for that shit, lol. I moved him back into the music. Came home and tried to take Mo for a walk. That did not last long because I was... exhausted. What used to take me two hours to do can now take five hours! So it is. I will always feel complete gratitude for whatever I am able to do. That, until and with my last breath of air.

September 22, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

In this new promo piece I am creating, the second top three items to be listed will be for three specific goals, needs or desires in order to continue. One... representation for projects. Examples, to manifest the forever Super Bowl dream I have had and/or Traveling Piano "brand" development, lets clone Mo. Two... sponsorship through an organization or commercial entity of any kind ongoing... backing to completely refurbish the present Traveling Piano truck or to create the one of a kind new vehicle that I've had in my mind since the inception. Three... to connect with a permanent, progressive minded patron or benefactor to support my living a life style that is conducive to giving all that I can give with the Traveling Piano and live my full potential in a positive, creative manifestation for the world.

September 21, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ok, so I am going to have a list of top three's for a new promotional piece. The first top three, maybe what is most interesting about the Traveling Piano. One... the Traveling Piano has been "Bringing the Beat to the Street" full time for 12 months a year since 1987. Two... I am the first person to have made a successful career of playing the piano from the back of a pickup truck for 20 years and also the first (out of choice) piano man to work without fees, tips or commercial affiliation as a full time career for what is heading towards 20 years... and survive. (lol) Three... The Traveling Piano has experience working throughout the entire North American Hemisphere, all four corners and everywhere in-between and in almost every environment imaginable through synchronistic and spontaneous one-one one musical encounters with over a 100,000 different people and from all walks of life. Can all that in number three count as one? Lol...

September 20, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am writing a new promo piece or you might call it a pitch, there must have been at least a thousand of them written since 1987 no exaggeration. The challenge is to keep it short and simply. Rarely, have I accomplished anything close to that because there is nothing short and simple about me or the Traveling Piano. And, my unique "brand" can be difficult for people to understand because it is in fact unique. A large part of my brand is... me. What I have created, manifested, the Traveling Piano and everything about it is the cumulation of my life's experiences, thoughts and being. But, when all is said and done, I still need to keep it as simple and clear as possible and trust that details are not needed to create interest to learn more about what I have to offer. That is soo.... difficult.

September 19, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Preparation for the inevitable has begun. What is coming... more Traveling Piano change. This means making a decision concerning commitment, courage and energy output. It will take everything I have to continue giving to the world and probably until my world is no longer. A visual of comfortable retirement, I do not believe is in the cards for me. Living my life for all its worth until the very end is really not a choice. I would like to have a choice but I also do not see that in the cards either. Oh, the drama. Really, it is just time for a next step for the journey, a decidedly clear step like last year when I said I was going to cross country. Or when in Philadelphia I said to Mo, we are heading for Alaska, it is now or never. Or when Boner and I headed to Louisiana after hurricane Katrina to lend support. That first leap started this journey.

Or when the decision was made to head to a rural fishing village in the middle west coast of Mexico. Once I begin, everything will fall into place as it should. It might not be what I planned or how I planned anything but, it will be... something. Of course life is very different now and much more difficult in every way. Because I am now much older, weaker, more tired, beat from covid, have less desire and tenacity... using any of that to create doubt is just bullshit because once I get going all those concerns will fall away into nothingness. That has been my life's experience 100%. There will always be moments of difficulty when it feels like I am or will soon die doing whatever I am doing. That is bound to happen some day anyway, eh?

September 18, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Low key was the name of the game today. I am truly living one day at a time and consciously working on that. This does not mean that I am not thinking about the future in every moment of everyday. I can go in the flow of each day pretty well as long as it is my flow and not someone else's. There would be no problem in changing that if needed for good reason. Planing for the future in anyway feels impossible but a plan must be not only made but enacted especially to get out of this place I am living in. Enacting will come easy once I am clear on not so much a plan, just some basic decisions. Like becoming an artist in residence somewhere for several months at a time and setting that up year(s) round or finding funding for security from a patron... blah, blah, blah same old, same old thoughts that have been ruminating for the last 40 years.

September 17, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

While a Walmart employee was helping me load the truck with Powerades... a blond, 40 something woman came up and started an unbelievable tirade about a shopping cart left in the middle of the parking lot. She directed an ongoing black racist batter of shit onto the black employee standing next to me. It was the kind of talk viral internet video's are made of and it got really crazy. Once it was over, I thought, "Danny, you will never be allowed to own a gun or have any weapon of death nearby or in the truck." I am dead serious, my rage was that strong. God help us all as this republican, conspiracy theory, nationalistic mentality moves along. You had best vote and get everyone you know to vote, plan, prepare and do it straight Democrat in November. And prepare for an attempted take over of our popular vote. There will come a breaking point and we need to be ready to stand strong and forceful if needed.

With all that said and done, we proceeded to end the day with some Traveling Piano magic, that of Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect. This is my retirement truckload for those living on the streets. The physical ability no longer exists to load, then carry all that upstairs and store it in my 450 sq foot living space and then carry back down to give out... well, did that done that for six years! New ways are on the horizon... maybe not... maybe so... maybe not. I do what I do because I love it and can, and will continue as long as I can. I was thinking how people on the streets want my music more than food or water, that is a fact... 90% of all comments concerning need... homeless or not, is about needing my music more than anything else in times of distress and how all people need it right now even the worst of the worst... especially the worst of the worst.

September 16, 2022

Calico Basin, Nevada

How was my day? Piled my room into the bathtub 10' high so an exterminator could come and get rid of the roaches and then... Mo and I drove to pickup 7 loaves of bread being tossed out from a local food pantry, went and purchased peanut butter and jelly to make sandwiches for people on the streets and then... stopped at Burger King for the 1st time in about 2 years while being reminded how over priced and disgusting that food is and then... with the heat now under a 100ยบ we ended up driving to Calico Basin (the desert) took a walk to find a rock to lay on, meditated for about 15 minutes and then... with gratitude for the beauty of nature and the mountains, felt inspired to create some music and then... an old couple who found us exactly where we were parked 4 years ago happened by with total joy that we are still doing our thing, a couple from Virginia found us and then... a couple from France that just got married Las Vegas style pulled up for some desert wedding photos at sunset and found some Traveling Piano magic and then... came back, put my room back together, processed these photos and hopefully will be able to crash before 2am!

September 15, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was the first day in months that Mo and I took a walk on the streets in daylight. The temperatures are feeling awesome, still 95 degrees in mid-afternoon but after 5pm in the high 80's. We walked for an hour. It may have been a little too long for Mo now with his age. He was too tired to jump up onto the bed where he hangs out once we got back. I am starting to miss the Traveling Piano activity. It will begin again soon, when I finish backing up my data. If I do not finish it, when I go back I will forget everything I was doing and need to start over again. That is not going to happen. I am making three backups of everything as the drives go bad when they get old. Finding clearer and better ways to access data is an ongoing process through the years. When I am working with the Traveling Piano and also while on the road there is no time to keep everything in order. After a days work, I am too tired, can't think and... I never take everything with me to do the data dumps. With over 20 hardrives storage devices now, the system will be to dump everything new onto just one hard drive and transfer onto specific hardrives when there is time. Time... ahh, time.

September 14, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is going to be a good fall season. Even with so much doom everywhere with most everything or so it seems in life, I may be too focused (out of necessity) because all my focus will be on whatever I am doing once I decide what exactly that will be. Taking the Traveling Piano to the next level will be at the core. It is do or die time. Have I ever said that before? Probably. Living in the moment and focused, I've a lot of practice with that. Letting go of all the shit, the doom, the distractions... I feel confident that will all be possible once I make a positive decision. The key word... positive. I am so loving Mo. He is the greatest gift for my life in the moment. Always remembering to enjoy him "in the moment" and not attaching lose or the future to that or even holding onto the past... I did it with Boner, I can do it now with Mo. It may be more difficult this time around because of several factors but, thats life. Life is about adjustment and flexibility.

September 13, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, I am posting the last animation of seven. I designed, produced, made them all and paid someone to create the flash animation files from all of it way back in 2006. The guy was an absolute idiot and I had to lead him by the hand every step of the way while paying him well for the work. Now that flash files no longer works on the internet, I had to find a way to open them and then convert them into movie files with frame timing and with the music. Then I had to export them into movie software then convert them to a movie file that different social sites will accept. Not one online conversion application would open the files or convert them naturally. It was all hit or miss through a period of two years and then all of a sudden earlier in the week the process needed tedious as it was, magically feel into existence for me. The end result has been sort of a miracle for me. Still, they are not perfect, I would like to sharpen them but enough time has been spent for now. I hope people see and enjoy them! If only these would go viral as other Traveling Piano clips have.

September 12, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

After getting all my data better organized and filed away (this, there is no end in doing) I need to write another "pitch" and make flyers from it. Fundraising is just not in the picture, I am so over that. I have been over it for ten years! It is no longer an option. Did that, done that. Of course I will continue to put the support for contribution message out into the world but no longer have the energy or desire to focus as much as I have in the past years. Thanks God it is not a necessity right now. I am able to make it on the most minimal poverty level. And the nature photos I have to sell, so much work has been invested into getting that going I do not want to drop it all, just need to find a way to keep moving forward with that no matter how tiny the steps. Whatever I go for now must be to take the Traveling Piano and the concept to a higher level that will create more permanent security for me in all ways. I do not want support to just keep going. I want support that will create permanency so I will not need to keep looking for support to help just keep going. I realize that may not make sense for many people and everyone has their ideas and opinions on the matter. The working with the homeless in providing resources, that priority also needs to be shifted for now. The ability is just not there. On very small levels I can keep that up and also get back to basics with it by just doing pure musical, relational Traveling Piano work without the food, water, blankets, etc... that I have been passing out for the last five years.

September 11, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Everytime I meditate I feel good and safe and secure and... my days go great! Yet, something inside of me exists for me to not feel good all the time. Maybe I have a sense of entitlement that I should not have to put any effort into feeling good for myself. Other people should make me feel good, give me good feelings in fact... there is a part of me that wants others and even the heavens to give me everything, take care of me, make me safe and secure without any effort on my own. Desire and willingness alone does not cut the mustard, that is not enough. When I am not feeling or seeing what I want from others or the universe I cannot do or think anything. That, is when I am in a "needy" state of mind and the state of being needy usually turns into anger and then I act out with angry distractions. All I need for life is desire and willingness for "effort". If that does not exist in the present moment, I can at least pray for it. Still, everything comes down to my being responsible for my own life first and foremost. The effort needed for desire is as I have said often, but for the grace of God and/or luck. Everything I just wrote can be found through gratitude.

September 10, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I think we made a breakthrough with the heat today and are finally out of the hundred degree temperatures everyday. How beautiful, I do not even know how to feel about it. The last two months we're driving both Mo and myself crazy. It was between a hundred and a hundred twenty every day. I knew life would be difficult once we got back from Ulvalde, Texas and was not sure if we would make it through the summer. Well, we did. It will be the last summer in this little box I am living in. That is for sure. I'm done living in a tiny room so hot and with all the noise and crud outside, the filthy smells, people are becoming more dangerous, etc... Drug addicts take shits on the wall, pee, shootup, etc... right outside the gate where I empty the trash and access the strip... don't even get me started. Mo and I visited our friends Eric and Mary who we have not seen for almost two months. It rained this morning. In their neighborhood which is much nicer, the smell of the dessert and its plants... heavenly. Ninety degrees here feels like seventy anywhere else. Lets hope I get healthier and start living a better life for myself and for Mo than what has been.

September 09, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am on the cusp of major decisions. When I decide to do something it always gets done. The outcome is not as important as the doing, this I know. The Traveling Piano truck has had it. The paint is peeling off to the grey core. There are so many things that need fixing, it is falling apart beyond repair. Considering what it has been through for over thirty some years yea, well... and what I have been doing is pretty much done. What I was doing with the performing and entertaining for the 1st 20 years there came a point... done. Then ten began of traveling without a home and running out of money... done. Then the homeless outreach and sharing of needs and resources for the last six years here in downtown Las Vegas while living in poverty myself while barely surviving on small contributions... done. None of anything I've done needs to stop. I can still perform, do the truck sharing, travel, keep up with the homeless outreach... it is just time to transform it all once again, still probably around the same Traveling Piano theme but in a different way with some financial security until that is finally... done. This work I have been doing is going to a higher level and that is that. How... that is where the major decisions enter the process.

September 08, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The viral tik-tok video from Easter is going viral again on Instagram. This is the 3rd viral surge. There have easily been over ten million hits all together now. Ten million people have seen the Traveling Piano, add that to the past twenty or thirty million over the years. It is a good feeling. I remember back in 2008 when there we're several million hits all together for this website. The counting stopped as I did not want the numbers to carry me away and distract from my mission and agenda. To this day I do not know if ten people visit or ten thousand visit. It is probably more like ten since personal websites are no longer popular or even used. Many people cannot even view this website because it is using dinosaur structure and html. People are trying to get their friends to send contribution. That feels good also, but damm it, their friends have not been following through. I wish that would catch on in a viral sense. Two people sent $5 and two sent $10 via venmo. It does make me laugh that out of millions like with the Rachel Ray show earlier in the year... only a few, less than five contributions ever come in from major exposure. If a hundred thousand people contributed $5, think of how that would change my life and work. For one thing... it all would function better and more securely. And... I would have no reason to complain about money here on this website, lol!

September 07, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I can be so friggin' amazing! As someone who feels like I have little comprehension, ability on so many levels specifically here today concerning technically with software, the internet, etc... there are seven what are called flash animations that I had created for this website back in 2006. They stayed as something fun to find until flash software disappeared from the internet as outdated a few years ago. I had put a lot of work into the animations. Ever since they have been no longer usable, every once in a while I start researching online for alternatives and then give up. It took years... not one online service would open the files so I could convert them. I asked people who know their "stuff" and no one could help me. Through time just random experimentation and then today an application on my computer opened a file. Don't know where the application is located on the computer or how it found its way into my use but the file was too small to use.

Then, just randomly pushing buttons looking at something and saying "that won't work" until I eventually after a week just tried it. It worked!!! The animation became a usable size. Then I just tried different stuff, was able to use about five different steps with three different programs both on my computer and online converting, clipping, pasting, stitching together the music I had used with the animations and I accomplished the goal! It... felt... amazing and fantastic. They could use some sharping but I have no more left in me now to keep going. I could not stop doing what I have until they we're all done. That was exhausting but, I knew if I stopped, I would never remember all the steps even if I wrote them down. Thats just me. It was all about totally focus until I got them all going. For the next few days I'll be posting them. They needed to be uploaded to Youtube to see. I am one happy pup about this.

September 06, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I stop doing anything Traveling Piano related... the whole journey in my mind goes out the window. Just like the homeless outreach. I know if I did not see and live in the pathetic sadness and suffering everyday I would not feel such need, urge, desire to care in acting out with serving food or cold powerades, etc... Same with meditation, the more days I drift away from it the more lost and crazy I get in my mind. Nothing has ever seemed to stick naturally, on its own. Everything I do is a concerted effort to remember to remember all the time. I've been drifting away from the Traveling Piano as I've not been able to go out in the heat and... I've been sick and getting older while doing everything on my own has not helped either.

But when I pushed myself like to process some photos, I see the worth, the wonder, fun, beauty, happiness and joy, relief beyond comprehension for people. This is what I have had to give to the world and it has been a 100% success. And it has been a success on a large scale. Not financially, commercially with world wide popularity but in its own way having affected millions of lives for sure... it has been big. Shouldn't I just continue with that until the last wheel falls off the truck so to speak? I am going to fade away, this is all going to fade away no matter what, eventually in any case. I just don't want to see myself fade away, have to witness it, live the demise. To stop would certainly be selfish. But then again this journey has always been selfish from the very first day. The phrase, "one day at a time" comes to mind.

September 05, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, I ate for the first time in three days today. When I get sick anymore, I really get sick. Time to see a dentist again as infection is not controlling me but I feel it brewing just below the surface. Dealing with the health system in todays world is just terrible. The chances of finding a good doctor are slim, the one I had finally... left the system I am in. I also will probably find a way out of that system. It is called Intermountain, was recommended, is awful. God, I hope my life does not become all about health now I cannot allow for all my focus to go to that setting. It is so easy to get sucked into the system when you get older and everything commercially, through the cows and sheep you know and just in general pushes you to fall into the pit with doctors, exams, specialists, medications you can not get off once you begin taking them, ugh... day by day.

September 04, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

I never saw the light of day today so sick I could not get out of bed. slept pretty much twnety four hours. It happens as some time to us all, eh?

September 03, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Toothache... terrible... no let up, turned to fever and chills, this with the Holiday Weekend just starting. No way I am going to an urgent care. Good thing I have a few pain killers stored away, not many but enough I hope. That with aloe soaks, hydrogen peroxide mouth washing, salt and warm water, baking soda and water, an over the counter numbing gel... oh dear... not good.

September 02, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Three hundred more photos we're just uploaded from this year to the 2022 Traveling Piano Art Gallery link. There are times I have been thinking that its over on every level. I feel like Iv'e come to a dead end. The energy and desire for upkeep no longer exists and I have passed the point of no return. It is time for something new or at least a transition. Going into a monetary direction sort of destroys the Traveling Piano story that I've build to this point. Using the non monetary nature of everything that exists destroys the purity of its purpose and mission. But, it is what everyone does... right? That makes it ok? Freebies turn into money makers? But then again money has always been an aspect of the journey, how could it not be? I suppose it is just how I get the money that matters. Then again for more than half the journey I paid it all from my own life's money. I had hoped that by now something would have happened to help keep it going. Its not like I have not tried.

September 01, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

This journey, at least the going out with the Traveling Piano or any community outreach with it is at a stand still. Can't do it in the heat like I used to. Need to remember periods of time doing nothing have happened several times. I always make up for lost time. For some reason everything feels more urgent now. I am forever cataloguing, now heading for 3,000 journey video clips. For what? What am I ever going to do with all the archives? No one I know wants them. No one see the value that I do in them. It is sort of like when I sold my house to pay for this journey and my belongings... the five thousand dollar rug I owned is the go to example. I was not going to sell it for $50 and say "take what you can get." No. I gave it away, even forced it on someone. Am I going to have to force this entire journeys archive onto someone who will do nothing with it or worse a company that would capitalize on it with no respect or just put it on a shelf? Or, do I just let it all go up in a puff of smoke. I know the realities created are what have been most important but then again personally... the journey has been an expression of my soul. What is that worth? First and foremost... respect.