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January 21, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Oh, for the love of living in La La land right now I wish I could do it. Although I have been staying alive by going through the journeys video for the first time ever which is quite a collection... and especially with photos of Mo through the years, he has had a fantastic life... that all made me actually get on my knees in gratitude... other than that, my health has not been improving. It did for about four days and then I could feel a domino affect different health issues happening from the covid I had, have, whatever. It is bad enough that, I am making arrangements for if I should transition out of this life. Thank God I have the means and people around me to do that if it should come to pass! I've been taking mucus tablets, two different people sent me finger pulse/oxygen readers... right now I am into the one point to be concerned on those monitors and... luckily I have some heavy duty antibiotics left from last year that I began taking yesterday to help fight this respiratory infection that began. This life... it is what it is and we must make the best of the cards we are sometimes dealt.

January 20, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

January 19, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

My head is so foggy, I cannot even write this blog. The lack of making music in my life without question helps... zero. The lack of Traveling Piano interaction with people has its good and bad points. I 100% enjoy not doing anything. Always, there is pressure in my head to do, do, do with my life's work of music, nurturing and processing the journey. There is nothing pushing me to work which is not possible anyway and that feels... really good! But on the other hand, the less I do, the less capable I become. What a "walking the tightrope" game this all is. Still, I am safe, I've need no resources like food, plans for the future if I die are happening perfectly and I have Mo and friends who really care... lots of friends, only two that are physically caring right now but that is all I need or want. God has a way of putting people in your life when needed, this is a fact I have observed all through life with others.

January 18, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The COVID virus I believe is different for different people and we all need to be careful and watchful for ourselves from the inside out. It having been over a week, feeling much better than in a long, long time all around, walking a little more each day for the last four days, miles even... last night I came down with an upper respiratory infection with mucus building, shortness of breathing and pressure in my chest. Myself in the vulnerable class and knowing the relationship of those symptoms with the illness I had to catch the impulse of fear, impending doom and just tell myself not to go there. I have some over the counter mucus relieving meds and noticed if I just laid still the pain was not there consistently.

By luck, I have some ultra heavy duty antibiotics left over from last year at this very time! I decided to wait to take them but knowing I have them felt reassuring. After 15 hours of sleep I feel better, but now know... I am not better yet as I thought I was. More rest, lots of water, vitamins, the mucus meds until the lump in my throat is gone, a fun movie or book, good food and friends will help the recovery. I post this ONLY to let people know that for me I thought it was over and it was not. When I was younger I would try to push through and illness would just become worse. Now... I watch, watch, watch and be careful like an old person who does not want to fall. Onward we learn how to navigate together out of this pandemic and into a different world.

January 17, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Did my first zoom today! It was a Traveling Piano interview for a segment on the Rachel Ray show. Can we talk fun? Have no idea when it will air. If I find out, will let you know. If you find out it aired, please let me know. It will not be until February for sure. I have been reviewing and uploading to them all the video I have, fifteen years worth most of which I have never had the time to review or organize. There is an impressive story in it all. That of people having fun, expressing themselves, sharing, talking musically through different languages, styles, there own individuality... all ages, backgrounds, showing cultures... in different conditions, environments, seasons, situations, the common love, popularity of playing music and sharing it... respecting all levels of playing, everyone wants to create music... jamming, moods... I could go on and on.

January 16, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Every night since we have been back in Las Vegas, when I walk Mo, I've been getting to wear my favorite winter hat and scarf because it has still been cold out. But now, those days now are gone. It is back to wearing shorts weather with a nice cool feel. This is the best time of the year in Las Vegas and damm... I'm too sick to enjoy it in nature and also with the Traveling Piano. Now is the time to be careful and relax in having this COVID virus. I've been building up stamina in walking everyday. I think it was three miles today. It has been a while now in taking out the Traveling Piano. That does not feel very good. But, the down time with a need to do nothing has felt great.

January 15, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

For the last fifteen years, the journey has fulfilled a life long desire to feel part of by creating individual one-on-one intimate and personal relationships even if only for a few minutes at a time with people from all walks of life through the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other.... through synchronistic discover with no expectation or obligation and in musical fun, friendship and respect with empowerment and inspiration. I give people the fun they experience in the discovery of the Traveling Piano to personally own for themselves and act as a space holder in some respects for people to discover their own fun, to trust in themselves, to validate and reassure their worth, have a short distraction for everyday hassles in life and to know what it feels like to relate with another person in life in the best of ways. Sometimes I go deep and personal with people in spirit through it all. The Traveling Piano experience in of itself is deep and personal in a fun way. Everything happens for me through gratitude, the grace of the God of my understanding ... I acknowledge, feel grateful and share it.

January 14, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

My dreams are my story... I learned early on how it is not about reaching the goal but the process. Although, the goal must always remain in order to stay in the process. For the first two years, I used Oprah as an anchor to pursue my Wildest Dream, to streak (clothed) across the Superbowl Field creating wild Boogie Woogie Music on the Traveling Piano for fun. Personally, what a fun ride for me that was even though I never heard from the show! I sent a significant amount of correspondence every day for two years. During that time also, the massacre in Virginia Tech turned my journey into advocacy for those suffering trauma and in need of healing. What a shock it has been for me with a piano in a truck and a dog on the piano to be able to support people when they are down and out and suffering in the middle of the worst possible tragedy possible. When Boner my first pup passed, the journey turned to just enjoying life daily with the desire to see nature.

As I ran out of money I ended up in downtown Las Vegas where the journey turned into community outreach with those living on the streets. After this past year with the "final" cross country journey because of Mo's age, my age and the trucks age... now, what? Shall I let go of the original goal... which is to take the Traveling Piano to a higher level and partner to make that happen, find a patron to simply help me to continue as I can with what I have been doing for the last fifteen years or... double down at age 66 and focus on totally fulfilling the dream whether it happens or not. I just found out the Super Bowl will be here in Las Vegas in 2 years. (the original dream) The resources do not presently exist to keep going as I do although I have been saying that forever. They exist ever so barley and always have as long as I stay in the present moment.

January 13, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano has never been personally about me as a performer. The 20 years prior even then... it was more about the idea of a piano man in a truck and musical chaos and making the idea respectable. When the improve began everything became about sharing the piano seat with others specifically strangers. Over 90% of the over 100,000 people who have been on the Traveling Piano piano seat played the piano for the very first time that day. They all found/discovered the Traveling Piano through spontaneous synchronicity and then got swept onto the piano seat in musical fun, friendship and respect and all that creates empowerment and inspiration. It comes from the trust and having no other agenda helps create the trust. Also, with my community outreach... I have never thought of myself as a do-gooder. It is all from a place of intimacy and desire to be personal as a human being doing what should be done and/or needs to be done. It all fits into my personal desire for relationship and to be part of. Also, it is a good way to release my life's anger in general. All of what I do and have done is because it has been fun, certainly not easy fun that is for sure.

January 12, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

With the Traveling Piano, I have been out to give to people life experience I want for myself. To remove fear by instilling trust in relationship. It happens best with individual experiences one on one. I have been blessed to have found a safe way to do that through my music, the Traveling Piano concept, environments we are found in, my pups Mo and Bo now passed, my enthusiasm and the synchronistic spontaneity of discovery. The result is that of musical fun, friendship and respect with empowerment and inspiration and it happens through the act of strangers becoming less afraid of each other.

The validation and reassurance that I receive through others with the Traveling Piano, I give credit for the ability to initiate the process within myself everytime I go to work and throw myself into the zone of it all... I credit that to being gifted through grace. Never once has it failed to deliver the desired results. I am without question a trudger through life, it is what it is. To be able to trudge into the Traveling Piano zone for a break from my personal dark realities is just a wonderful thing! When I am with a group of for example three people, and they are thanking me profusely for the experience, I say to them... please realize that what you are getting from me in this experience, I am getting back three times right now. Thank you.

January 11, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night I went to bed and realized I had no pain. That was very strange. Actually, I was trying to find it. It was there when I woke up. This COVID thing is really strange especially mixed with other unknown physical issues I have. Doctors are unreachable., I called three to make an appointment, put myself into waiting queues and I also made appointments online... no response. People care, it is a beautiful feeling. Three people sent contributions. My friends Eric and Mary (who are having much worse issues than I) went to the store to get me some groceries and dog food. I sat in my chair last night looking out the window at a huge fire in a block long building that was obviously set because flames just happened through the entire length and it took the fire trucks about ten minutes to arrive. The fire station is a block away. The place has been on fire at least four times this year due to homeless people trying to live in it. I'll bet the city set up the fire so they can finally tear down the building. My next door neighbor was taken out in an ambulance a few hours before. Living where I am... nothing going on around me really phases me anymore on a surface level. All the worst has happened so many times. Now I totally understand how residents of inner city streets have no reaction to gun fire when it goes off all around them constantly.

January 10, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

The day was spent on past Traveling Piano videos, uploading them, filing them and I've some good improvisation video plus Ragtime and Boogie Woogie playing... hundreds of takes of the same four pieces of music! I've only known twenty pieces ever anyway and played those same twenty pieces for twenty years over and over and over. Having been burnt out of that... improvisation manifested and now it is just one long forever flowing Danny Kean piece of music. As throughout the twenty years of performing, the different situations and environments create most of the interest for playing in the videos. Also, along with about a thousand short clips of different people playing the piano, different types of people with different types of music, different levels of ability in different types of situations is amazing fun to review. I cannot help but think what I had footage of all 100,000 people who have been on the Traveling Piano!

January 09, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

While reviewing past years of my playing piano music on the videos that I have, what I look like has taken a second seat to becoming aware that the energy I used to have is not present now. The clarity of performance and delivery, the excitment of youth and strength is not there. Just... wow. Somehow I need to get back to an acceptable level for me in the feelings of the past at least. The videos have been showing me that aside from physical limitations and lack of stamina from keeping up with it all... I'm becomming depressed! The umph, has been dissapating from my life. Of course the state of the world, my having covid, just coming off the last half year of travel across the country and back as well as my age realted physical issues, blah, blah, balh, I will not give up. I'll find a way to want to continue creating music and sharing it and interacting with people even with just one person a day, so be it.

January 08, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

A nationally syndicated television show made contact with me over a month ago interested in creating a Traveling Piano segment. I have not mentioned it because most times, shows are simply scouting for new material and nothing ever manifests. This time is that they have stayed in contact, asked for video material and now want to set up a video zoom with the producers. That got me going on reviewing all the Traveling Piano video. Photos I have always been on top of. Most video I've never looked at. Because I am in covid quarantine I can devote all my time to organizing and reviewing everything. It has really been fun and I have some good video! I'm excited about the body of work I have and seeing it in a new way. There is allot and it tells a good story of the journey. Unfortunately, most of it is pure quality video and not usable but still, having it for myself is just awesome. I'll be sharing all of it online once I'm finished going through it.

January 07, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, now... symptoms of covid came upon me last night! The cough, low grade fever, super lack of clarity and other symptoms are clear. I was walking Mo and for the first time ever felt like I might not be able to get back home. It wasn't exhaustion as much as a feeling of a complete physical shut down. So... Mo and I are going into isolation for awhile. If need be I have someone to care for Mo. For now I will take him out for short walks and to do his business when no one else is out and about. Telling the world about this, I had to think about that. My impulse was to keep it a secret. Now, with people knowing I must in fact, isolate. I've never isolated since the pandemic began. When everyone else was shut down back in 2020 I was still on the streets serving the homeless with food, distributing masks, etc... Telling people feels like a responsibility especially since I am fully vaccinated and have had a boaster shot. Aside from those selfish asshole, idiots not getting vaccinated who are destroying the economy... they are the same types that first denied covid's existence... maybe we all would not still be in this fucking pandemic and still getting sick. At least now because of those vaccinated there are less deaths from it all. Is "less" ok? No.

January 06, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

This year is getting off to a slow start. That is to be expected, I'm still adjusting to being home here from the half year trek cross country and back and... the energy does not exist for very much. I have a headache, a low grade fever and a cough, It is definitely not the norm and not my allergy to Mo. Is it just the flu, a cold, a little infection, Covid, Delta, Omicron or one of the other 50 variants of that? Thank God I have my vaccines and booster. It is not that I do not want to die, I just do not want to have to go to the hospital! Lol Today is the first day of full sun and warmth and I don't have it in me to go out with the Traveling Piano. In fact, I cannot go out anyway for a week now as it would be irresponsible to take any chances for myself or... what those unvaccinated miss entirely... others.

January 05, 2022

Main Street Las Vegas, Nevada

January 04, 2022

Main Street Las Vegas, Nevada

January 03, 2022

Charleston and Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, what a year last year was. Do I continue onward? I did today. Mo and I planted ourselves on a random street corner. It still feels a little stupid to do that everytime but hey... what the hell. Someone always comes buy who has not seen us in years and all they communicate is gratitude for knowing us. I especially love seeing again people who were once homeless now with a home and usually for a couple of years. They are pure miracles. You cannot know how damaging it is in spirit to have lived on the streets and find your way out of the nor, how difficult. Again, but for the grace of God, it is a miracle for those people. My work needs to transition this year or end. That... is clear. Realizing the attainable as I see it is difficult to do but I now know from a lifetime, nothing ever turns out exactly as I see it. It may be similar but never exactly. The only "exactly" is spiritual and emotionally. I have truly manifested my spiritual and emotional desires in life.

January 02, 2022

Main Street Las Vegas, Nevada

I reformatted this website for 2022 today in record time! I'm very proud of myself. In the early years it took a full day and now... about an hour. Mo and I also took to the streets today. People are very happy to see us. We met a family, living on the street... a mom, son and dad. They all got up onto the piano and we spent some time. The city has been promising people housing on a large scale... they had best come through with what they are saying as those on the streets are having a hard time and depending on that hope. On their own, there are a myriad of blocks to find housing. Credit reports, lack of documents, job salary, past records, etc... it goes on and on. Myself, finding another place to live even though I have a 100% positive record with everything... the fact that I cannot prove an income at the level needed to get a decent place is my block. Anyway, there was almost a crowd hanging around the Traveling Piano by the side of this open road in a nondescript area on Main Street. The Traveling Piano presence is a major comfort for those who know us.

January 1, 2022

In an Alley, Las Vegas, Nevada

We are diving right into 2022! Mo and I went out with the Traveling Piano just for a short while and ended up less than a block away in an alley. We met a few people and spent some time with them. I still have some candy, socks, gloves etc... in the back of the truck and shared them. We had some music... other people in the area found us and we're just in awe. With the pandemic roaring worse than ever, the Traveling Piano is needed more than ever. At night I was walking with Mo and we passed a guy in the dark. He stopped and said, "I know you" and then started to piece together in his head who I was. He still remembered the Chili I made and gave to him on a cold night about a year ago! People in the area living on the streets are finding us for the first time since we have been back and here is what makes me feel really good... they are recognizing me not through Mo but by my face. Most people in the past, they see the dog first and make the connection of who we are through him.