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November 13, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, as I knew might happen last night, after my friend Stephen left las Vegas, I got more and more tired as the night when on, physically slower, my head hurt and it felt like I was getting very sick, I could not think and just began feeling very sad and went to bed. I woke up every two hours through the night feeling a little stronger each time until twelve hours later I got up... did a few errands, worked on this blog and processed photos. As well, I wrote a detailed statement about Monday night for myself which I will publish tomorrow. My truth of spirit is clear and in alignment with my mindful intent. I trust in my decision to not go back to the field next week. This makes me very sad but on every level it is the right thing to do. Standing up for my principals and values... staying true to my character... and making that statement for the sake of the world... is what matters to me most... second to Mo. I realize that my significance is only relative to me. It only matters to me through God.

November 12, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Stephen, the only person I am really in contact with still living from my pre-journey life was in Las Vegas today and we got together. I was supposed to go to my usual Tuesday commitment but blew it off. Stephen and his friend badgered me into doing that but on the other hand, maybe I am too committed to these commitments and it is time for a change. I said when I first saw him, that now I would need to work on not getting depressed when he leaves. His presence brings up all the failed obligations and expectations on my part as well as others from past friends and family in my life still living back east. It sparks just about every emotion in me both good and bad. The full moon energy has me spinning, as well as the loss of my very close friend John about two weeks ago and then there is what happened last night... plus my money issues.

November 11, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

My energy is spinning out of control with the full moon tonight. At the field I told a woman if she ever gives Mo a dental chew again I'm not coming back and will tell everyone it is because of her. I'm done with people just feeding Mo treats because it is fun for themselves. His teeth are going bad and if he breaks one from those hard chews he can die fast from infection. Also, he cannot digest them and they may cause a blockage in his system. They are not healthy for any dog. I've stated this several times but people don't care, they don't want to believe it and are just disrespectful. I scared the shit out of her and know she will never come near us again. I don't care. A few people have been getting crazier at the field so I have some pepper spray with me now. I was telling one of the volunteers about that. He sets up to give out resources next to the Traveling Piano and told me he has two guns with him and had one in his pocket in case it was ever needed. That does not work for me... at all. I talked with another volunteer and he rationalized it with a guy who comes every once in a while who has a security business. When he is wearing is uniform on the street he also has a gun. That does not work for me. It goes against my principals and guns do not belong in this environment whether your a good guy or a bad guy. I may need to stop going to this commitment that I've had for over two years and enjoy very much. It is a matter of principal, it is a matter of appropriateness, it is a matter of safety. I've too much experience with guns and gun ownership to know that I want nothing to do with any of it, or to be near it.

I'm not willing to give someone else responsibility for carrying a gun for safety in an environment that we share specifically in what could be a dangerous situation... on my time and for my dog as well as myself. Anyone who thinks a gun is the answer for security for anyone, in my opinion has a few loose screws and I don't want to be around if those screws fall out. Accidents happen, people are unpredictable and that includes myself. There are many other ways to deal with possible danger. Problem is... I get my food from this place and also my clothes are washed by someone who volunteers. Having my clothes washed has been a huge help for me in both time and expense. Not having the cost of food for myself and Mo has afforded me the ability to pay rent every month. A twenty five year old guy from the streets came up to me crying and said that through music, that is the only way he can get a release from his mind constantly having thoughts. He said he came up to me to thank me for the release. I'm feeling very insecure right now with the thought of having to give up two basic needs being fulfilled... food and my clothing getting washed. This is when I really miss my friend John who passed away a little over a week ago. For the last thirty years he was the person I would bounce my thoughts and decisions off of, to know spiritually what direction to take.

November 10, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

The day was spent distracting myself from the habit of trying to create a work routine as well as fundraising. I had the Traveling Piano out on the street but basically used it to hangout with people.

November 09, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

What a challenge and not necessarily what I prefer to be doing but I know always as I look back on life, I do the right things, exactly what I should be doing. My blog photos more and more are going to be less and less of nature and varieties of locations... like, just one location which is not fun for this blog but, this blog is not bringing in any money which is a must immediately. So, we spent the day on the corner of Utah and Main streets in Downtown Las Vegas at the Traveling Piano Photo Art gallery studio in the waiting room of an auto repair shop. The photos to sell can't go up yet because they need shade from the sun that sears through the windows. More setup material and product to sell are needed. But, I'm putting in the time, one foot in front of the other and hopefully everything will materialize. I spent nine hours at the shop today mostly trying to design promo material that takes for ever on the old backup computer I'm using. I interact with people on the street with the music only when they engage me from the outside while I'm inside because that truck piano batteries are running low and only get about an hour a days use and the piano itself is just beat. So the less I use it the more time that will by in staying alive. I met an amazing musician from Puerto Rico as well a classical pianist with her dog and just a bunch of really cool Las Vegas locals. Please send a contribution... www.paypal.me/dannykean

November 08, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I only played for the first dinner only of the Mission Center today. I was just too tired and I didn't want to play for the second part. It is as simple as that. I must give myself this freedom. Through the years I have been one hundred percent committed to what I have been doing but now the commitments need to transition for the sake of survival. There are so many ways I can make money. Finding the way, in my way is so very difficult. My way has been the only way possible for me throughout life. I use guidelines, mostly spiritual. Working for the money... did that done that. Working for the love... did that done that. Now to find a balance between the two... any reality of that in my brain does not exist so I just have to fake it until I make it. To be interested in making money while also keeping the Traveling Piano mission going... I know that is a no brainer for most people and have heard how they do it a thousand times. My brain only works for me. It is what it is. This blog takes time as well as the processing of pictures but... it also serves as a needed diary and for calrity of mind in a way.

November 07, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

We were at the Mission Center for the dinner as usual. I used to save the days energy for that but now I must also put energy into working with the Traveling Piano and the street to promote support while also trying to create a Photo Gallery store while also doing my usual online work while also continuing with basic life upkeep. There were moments where I just sat without being able to think. So I took a few breaths and just kept going. Doing the Traveling Piano work as usual the Fun, Friendship and Respect with Empowerment and Inspiration while at the same time trying to infuse promoting support for it is exhausting!

November 06, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I walked into the City Hall Council Chambers today planning not to speak and without my script but once there, knew I had to take a stand. Spent 9 hours there, talked in public for the 1st time politically. Of course, I fumbled in forgetting 95% of what I wanted to say! It is what it is. Pretty sure my friends in the room expected more of me because I can talk a good talk in print and during interactions with the Traveling Piano but, outside of my comfort zone... forget it! LOL The mayor choose to favor business over moral leadership and of course most of council kissed her butt to follow. It was about the soul of Las Vegas. They decided to criminalize anyone who they can find sleeping on a sidewalk or setting up an encampment. $1000 fine or jail if there is space open in the "for profit" shelters and they don't use them... of course the targets will only be in an area of the city deserving of political favor. Of course it will simply empower bad police seeds in the department to misuse the law in order to get rid of humanity deemed not worthy of living. Most people think of Las Vegas Strip as Las Vegas. The super commercial end of the strip is actually more in a town called Paradise which is adjacent to the City of Las Vegas. Mo was with me the entire time and he was 100% amazing the entire time.

He knew we were in a strange environment and he knew how he had to act, just to follow my lead. I love my dog so much and I love how he just wants to be with me and how he will cooperate when needed and always without force, fear, manipulation, consequences, coercion or over controlling. The type of politicians I spent today with, have no clue how to govern with leadership as I do with Mo... nor do they want to know, even with those they love dearly. Having been like and raised like them, having acted like them for most of my life... I have found the inability to empower in ways that last a life time... the need for control, comes from a lack of self-respect and the fear of that realization for themselves. People like this have never been given the "feeling" of respect to have it. In this world I have found that really is a "but for the grace of god" issue. As a result they lack the gratitude to create needed for compassion and empathy, in order to bestow respect onto the world, on the world's terms, on the level and terms of others as needed individually, unless... it is to validate others who demand respect from them in what is almost always a disingenuous way. Lastly, they know not of negotiation, boundaries or limits unless forced into them or they enter into them in self-centered ways.

November 05, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I reached a turning point today. Tomorrow there is a city council meeting about a proposed bill that will fine anyone sleeping on a sidewalk $1000 or jail them if they don't use a shelter space when it exists. Of course thats criminalizing the homless, the total pits but really the city wants to set up an encampment about an hour away to just get rid of them. The shelters want to make money off of them as does the legal system and government agencies. The rich just want them gone or dead. It is all so ridiculous that I have spent many hours drafting a comment I want to make about it all from my perspective with solutions. I want the reality of the matter stated and to call out why those with power and influence want to just rid people deemed undesirable by objectifying their lives. After finishing the speech today, I've spent two weeks on it, I decided not to do it. I will go to the meeting to protest but will not speak. Too much of my ego is in it.

I realized that I will be on television, that there will be many homeless that know me there. I will create not good feelings with my straight shooting from the hip kind of way and... it really does not feel like my saying something will effect anything. It will just feed my ego in a selfish way. It takes years to create relationships that really affect anything and there is only so much energy I have for my homeless friends. Doing what I now do is enough and it is more effective than trying to keep inhumane laws from going into effect. Also, I will soon be homeless myself if I do not take care of my financial problem. I must either raise money or work with the Traveling Piano. I do not have it in me to do both. So the Traveling Piano is going to have a lot less time on the streets and most of my homeless commitments will need to stop until I get on my feet. Volunteers at my commitments care that I am there, appreciate and enjoy the Traveling Piano but not enough to help support my being there, unfortunately. So, it all is what it is. I miss my friend John. He is the one I would go to and run my thoughts by, my wall to bounce off of. He passed away this week.

November 04, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Five hours of the day was spent trying to put up curtains, just four panels two rods and hooks. It hurts to write that but its the truth. I guess there is a lot of clutter in my mind subconsciously. The curtains are for this photo gallery space, the waiting room of a car repair shop I have to use of which I don't have the money to create enough photos for and keeping the space clean with dirty car mechanics all around, a guy living in it and other nefarious characters in and out... its all so distracting. Later ,Mo and I went to our usual Monday commitment at the field. After about an hour and a half the piano batteries went dead. They need to be replaced. But enough people had a go at it musically before it all ended. The piano itself is almost unworkable at times. The temperatures now colder, that does not help anything. Although personally, I'll take the cold over the heat. Also, it is dark now and seeing what is going on around me in the dark is getting more difficult.

November 03, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano now has 19 subscribers which equals almost twenty one percent of "basic" monthly income needs! There are no tips, fees, or commercialization affiliation associated with the Traveling Piano. That fact is part of the brand. There are no sources of support other than from you my friends. Would you please help bring that percentage up for our basic needs before we go down into a darkness never to return? There are also other costs. This month I must raise money for truck insurance, website costs and there are piano and computer needs as I do not use a cell phone for my work... and more. If you need help or have a problem accessing the subscription link, email me and I will walk you through the process. There is a contribute button to the left of this page. Here's looking forward...

November 02, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm still thinking about those school kids I spent a short time with yesterday and the teaching of compassion, empathy and community service through volunteerism in school programs! Here in Las Vegas the students do a few hours a year of mandatory community service. I wonder how much the school programs link with the volunteer work specifically with the idea of compassion and empathy. I had to sleep in today I was so exhausted. Everything is moving slow. Mo is my enjoyment in life. I want to live as long as he is alive. Living and working in and with drug addicts, alcoholics, thieves, a basically a dirty environment as well as this tiny room I am in with old clothes and resources that have been constantly dwindling less and less is really getting to me. I've been less out in nature because I just have not had time or gas money. My friend John who passed away a few days ago weighs very, very heavy on my mind. This is going to sound very odd to a lot of people but I am thankful that I have a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Not at all in a religious way or in sharing the fact in community with others or most especially in wanting others to have what I have... it is very personal in just knowing there is more going on than the physical we perceive and spirit is alive and I am never alone... ever. People living on the streets remind of this. It is also how many of them keep going with life. Faith and hope and a knowing of the truth of God's love is a wonderful thing. I have had spirit reach out to me through people and circumstances several times in life so I know and have experienced my truth. Onward with the music...

November 01, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yesterday while at the rescue mission there was a group of Orthodox Jewish sophomore school students volunteering to serve dinner from Los Angeles and I was impressed in watching them enough to offer some Traveling Piano time for them during their lunch break today. As soon as the words came out of my mouth I was like, damm why did I say that because I knew I was going to have a full day with it being First Friday downtown where I set up the picture gallery on the street all day and night but, I'm glad I followed through. I had no choice, it is not in my constitution to not follow through. There were about sixty kids and they were no work for me at all. They just went right for it with the piano and singing and taking pictures and having fun and enjoying Mo all by themselves. It has been a while since doing something like that. We were at Three Square, the food bank in Las Vegas which I have heard about weekly since I arrived here. What a huge, impressive, posh, non-profit building and setup that place is! All afternoon I set up for tonight. There were less people this time then last month! I won't be wasting my time with First Friday again until the street really gets going. If I was up by all the First Friday activities, I would have sold a lot of photos but I must keep with my agenda for community and being at the photo gallery here in my end of the neighborhood.

I sold two photos... whoop de doo! I took ten bucks from a guy because the wanted to tip me and began to feel hurt I wouldn't take the money and also ten bucks from a woman who argued with me over tipping. Some people really want to interact from their point of view even though I try to explain that I am the giver in the situation and if they want to reciprocate which I did not ask for, it should be in a way that I will appreciate and that is to purchase a photo. The piano batteries are going dead. Thats going to cost three hundred bucks! Of course I don't have that so... onto my friend John who just passed, the grief began to express itself through my music several times tonight and it was beautiful. I could feel the love, acceptance, poignancy and a little sadness in it. I'm going to miss John, I already do. I am very, very exhausted in working with the photos, creating fun for others, trying to deal with grief... the fun for others part helps concerning the grief. My need for money issue is unnerving. I have truck insurance and website bills to add onto everything else this month. Then there is the issue of the piano, the piano batteries, the truck itself, my clothes are really in need of replacement, it takes three times the normal about of time to do computer work because everything is a work around with it barely working... blah, blah, blah. Thank God for Mo!