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January 31, 2014

Savannah, Georgia and Tybee Island

I woke up feeling like such a bear not wanting to be woke up. The sky still cloudy and grey with the air, dank and cold... I got into the truck anyway and drove to Georgia. The entire day my nerves were ready to crack while constantly fighting everything going wrong that could possibly go wrong type impulses. I won as the negative never got hold of me but boy, was I on edge. First to Savannah, Georgia, as soon as we got into the city on the outskirts I passed a small concrete building named Randy's with about 20 people standing in single file waiting outside and of course I had to stop and see what was going on. It was a rib and chicken joint a very popular rib and chicken joint, so I pulled the truck up and created music while waiting for my ribs and also had a few interactions with people. The ribs were good, the amount was much more the worth stopping for. There is nothing like getting more than you can eat at one sitting... of anything! The sun was out for all that. As I drove down the city streets of Savannah there were tree limbs so long they stretched across more than two lanes of traffic and into side streets. That was just so cool to see! Then we found River street in Savannah, the cities tourist area but I didn't create music there as I'm not into performing or entertaining and that was the feel of the place... not my kind of situation.

There are a lot of city park squares in Savannah none I could park around, it was too cold and cloudy anyway so I headed to Tybee Island. On the entire island there was only one boat ramp spot where I could pull the truck up to and be able to look out over water. It was on the bay side. Mo and I sort of camped out there and we played until the sun set. The clouds cleared away and it was oh, so beautiful and perfect. We met local residents individually and had very interesting conversations about life and living. I got to know some people intimately in a matter of a half hour at a time. A lady did Tai Chi on the beach while meditating to my music with the sun setting. Another guy put a nice bottle of wine into the truck for me. (which I gave to the guy who gave me the hotel deal where I've been staying) Being on the road is the best way to meet other people who live interesting lives. I'm feeling a little crazy but thats nothing new. As sand started to get into everything from people getting in and out of their truck I thought, "get used to it, your heading for Florida." I stopped on the way back to purchase water (which I really dislike doing) because acceptable drinking water from any faucet is getting more difficult to find. That is so sad. I picked up some fruit and popcorn and stuff so as not to spend my money in restaurants all the time while being in motels. For the last few months I've started out the blog pages with a request letter for contribution for the first time ever. To date five people of the thousands who hit this blog site daily have responded. I moved the link to the menu on the left of this page. Support 2014

January 30, 2014

Hilton Head, South Carolina

The wind chill here is still in the twenties. With my warm clothes walking on the beach that is no problem, in fact it is enjoyable. The grey skies will change soon enough. While walking I noticed how my attention was almost always on the beach houses and how large, the designs, thoughts about wealth, influence, exclusivity, etc.. It was a clear choice as to whether my focus was going to be on nature with the ocean waves, sounds, the birds, sand, open space or... human materialism. I choose nature. As Mo was romping in the sand I thought about how amazing his life is. He gets to run free and explore in the woods, on beaches and mountain tops... he gets to interact and play with all kinds of people and different animals... he's well fed and gets good treats with lots of constant attention, reassurance and validation and... he would give all that up to simply be with me, always by my side. I enjoy him as much as I enjoy taking a breath of fresh air.

January 29, 2014

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Earlier in the morning the Traveling Piano was completely cloaked in ice with icicles here, outside of Savannah, Georgia! The palm trees had two feet long icicles hanging from the leaves. I could see them all turning brown in real time. Mo and I went for a long walk on the beach. The sand is packed hard and smooth and the beach is vast so I was able to walk about five minutes with my eyes closed and not worry about falling over anything or walking into anything while focusing on my senses of smell, sound and feel. The houses that seemed so large along the beach in the dark were not so big in daylight. I'm staying longer than originally planned at this hotel unless we get thrown out because the deal to stay is just too good.

January 28, 2014

Hilton Head, South Carolina

I'm glad I have super warm Alaskan winter wear so I could walk on the beach today. While it was not raining wow, it was so wonderful with no people just the sound and sights of ocean waves under grey cloudy skies, every once in a while a brown pelican, wings spread streaming an even four feet about the waters edge. I'm feeling very grateful. Not only for friends that support me in this journey but that I have had the grace to pursue this journey and as a result reap its benefits that mostly of being able to connect with people, my dog Mo and all that is the worlds natural nature.

January 27, 2014

Pinckney Island, South Carolina

The forecast said rain today but the sun was out and the temperature was perfect. With no time to waste I got out as soon as possible after sleeping until 11:00am and after a surprisingly good nights sleep. Mo and I drove to Pinckney Island, a wildlife management area. Dogs were not allowed but there was a parking pull off area on the road in, big enough for two cars. It was a perfect spot to create music with nature in a wide open area, in full sun, a bay on both sides... eventually people found us and that added to it all. Afterwards we found another area along water, spent sometime there and then heading back to the inn on the beach where we are staying. We pulled up to a volleyball practice happening with a bunch of girls on the beach and everyone jumped onto the Traveling Piano for a few minutes. People in the area were drawn like magnets to us, I don't know where they came from but it was as much fun as can be. We met a very interesting family, I'll probably connect with them again tomorrow. There were two dogs named Mo on top of the piano at the same time today.

A beach walk was on my agenda for today but it didn't happen until after dark which was fine by me. The next two days are supposed to turn cold again even with snow in the forecast and I really want to make sure we spend as much time as possible on the beach. The beach houses are humongous. Every time I think I see wealth, as much as it can get on this journey, I end up seeing even more. Makes me think about Cape May, NJ where I have spent time over the years or Spring Lake, NJ and how many people who own homes there on the beach and think they are the cream of the crop. Those houses are nothing compared to here. Then I remember the football star neighborhoods of Plano, Texas or the wealthy people in Arizona and how unbelievable those properties are. Well, some of these places on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina top them all. Neighborhoods and communities in this area are called Plantations. Also the churches, I've never seen so many big and wealthy religions in one place. There are no stores or business logos screaming at you in Hilton Head like a Mc Donald's arch or two story shopping center signs. Every commercial sign is palatable. While walking on the beach I could feel the temperature dropping and then as soon as I got back to my room a drizzle began. The timing for everything is as perfect as can be today.

January 26, 2014

Hilton Head, South Carolina

I was awake at 5:30am (three hours sleep) and able to get out of bed at 7:00am which if you know me, is absolutely crazy. To be on the beach walking at 9:00am was wonderful. Last night I spent a short while with the ocean waves, sand and darkness watching bright stars and the sky as a backdrop into the ocean. The hotel where we are resolved my issues... surprisingly. Its supposed to rain for the next four days and tired or not... the Traveling Piano had to be taken out. First we stopped at a boat ramp in a park and played music out over a bay. After that we drove to a park near a beach which was also a dog park. When we arrived there was no one there but as soon as I got out of the truck people began to arrive one by one. Almost four hours later we were interacting non-stop with people musically, in a parking space at the end of a road.

Unfortunately, there is no place to play music where I can be right on a beach. Hilton Head is beautiful. It has the typical Jersey Shore look (on the nicer beaches) but also there there are back drops of ground palms with tall pine trees that have moss draping down from them. Houses are shaded in these trees. Some of the houses are almost just too big! I seen big houses before but these seem unusually big. We met many local residents some with money others with very little. Back at the hotel it gets really crazy. There are no room microwaves so if I want to heat up some coffee I must walk down past about twenty rooms, heat it in a smelly microwave shared by everyone and then walk back. I made egg salad using scissors to cut the eggs on the bathroom sink and as I said yesterday, I brought too much stuff with me? Well, I have glass salt and pepper shakers, ceramic bowls and kitchen utensils to use. Now as I'm writing this I'm thinking... why didn't I just purchase egg salad from the supermarket? Then I remember, because I brought along a friggin' container of mayo that I had not used from West Virginia. About 6:00pm I crashed for about three hours in being more exhausted than I can ever remember. Its about 11:00pm now and I feel rested?

January 25, 2014

Hilton Head, South Carolina

I thought there would be more space in the back of the truck after repacking. I was wrong. This is a problem. I'm going to have to let go of some stuff and that is not going to be easy. I headed for HIlton Head and the place that offered me a room became a headache. Mo turned out to be a big problem. My room deal included additional taxes and a $12.50 daily "resort fee" I was not told about. We worked everything out or so I thought. After completely unpacking the truck and taking everything into my room... there was no internet. Then my key card would not work. I sat and prayed for serenity to know what to do while I waited for the place to step up to the plate and get their act together. With a feeling that I would not get internet for the week I took everything back out to the truck and repacked it... again. The idea was to get my refund and drive south until another place to stay came into play. Then they got the internet working. I wish that feelings were always fact but that was not the case today. I unpacked the truck again and brought everything inside. I'm on an end room of a building wing by a back door and am sneaking Mo in and out.

Tired, the sun was out and it was not too cold and... three days of bad weather are forecast so... needed to make use of the few hours of sunshine left. I drove around and found a park and then fell right into a dog park. Mo and I met to women with their dogs one of which had three legs. On the way out I wanted to binge on pizza. I did that. Figuring out how to eat is such a challenge. I can't be spending allot of money on food everyday and must figure out how to lose weight while on the road. The girl from the pizza place jumped onto the piano seat for a minute. Being on the beach, for sure I'm going for a walk every chance I can get.

January 24, 2014

Hardeeville, South Carolina

I almost can't believe the temperatures are in the twenties. Possible snow is forecast for next week here near Savannah, Georgia God, enough. The cold is following me south. Last night when I went to bed I was worried about getting sick with a sore throat. After two airborns, this morning I was ok.. The last thing I want to do is get sick. I pushed my energy with too much fun yesterday. Today, I took it easy and spent the entire day repacking the truck. I'm moving so slow and just trying to accept the fact. There is so much stuff I have with me, keeping track of what and where anything is... not easy and then if I need anything I need to unpack it all has to be repacked... under the passenger seat, drivers seat, behind the seats, in front, in the top half of the piano, the bottom, stuff in the truck bed, blah, blah.

Its Friday night at a Motel do you know what that means? Party, party... people rent out rooms in motels for bigtime partying on weekends. This place has been really unusual. I know stuff is happening all around me all the time but I don't know what. Drug transitions, and business dealings of all types but also... people are switching rooms not visiting rooms, they move in and out of different rooms each day like in a chess game. Cars pull up at all times of day and night, sit idle for short periods of time and then leave. The older I get the less I want to know whats going on. I met several people today while packing and we had some musical fun. Three families from China were checking in so I invited them onto the truck. When I began to create music for them I could feel an intense focus with listening from them. I came back into my room, saw myself in the mirror and thought, "you look like a friggin' dumpy yet portly old hobo living on the road!" Not good but I guess, "It is what it is." Ugh, I'm not giving up!

January 23, 2014

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Today, being warmer than tomorrow will be, I had to get out. I wanted to see the ocean and create music on the beach. The truck surprisingly gave me trouble in starting but I need to realize its still cold. Its using a lot of oil but there is no leakage. It sounds like a mac truck but thats just today. It may sound better tomorrow. Thats how it works. I've been wanting to get to Hilton Head for a long time. My friend Sid vacations here so I called him. He told me about a bar on a beach where he hangs out and I was coincidentally parked right next to it while we were talking. While taking Mo for a run on the beach I saw there was a place where I could pull the truck up and see the beach and also be next to the bar for a picture to send to Sid. There are no places in Hilton Head where you can park a vehicle next to the beach. While getting someone to take the picture two hotel managers came up and asked where I was staying then offered me a room at 75% reduction for as long as I want. On the beach... Holiday Inn, much appreciated. Three women came buy who live twenty minutes from my old house 750 miles away in Pennsylvania.

My speaker plug for the piano broke off with no way to get a piece of metal out of the input. I'd have to take the entire speaker apart which is major, major work. The guys at the hotel steered me towards a music store where the owner figured out a work around that is better than what I originally had with the speaker. Then I headed to find some chicken wings that my friend Sid suggested were a must. You can't really see shops in Hilton Head and the area I was in was nothing but shopping. It is all in trees, nothing stark, nothing in your face, nothing run down. So I was pulling in and out of parking lots asking people for directions to the chicken wing place. Every time I asked someone even when they were in their cars, they ended up on the piano seat. I stopped at a hotel where I went to the front desk to ask for directions. I ran into a couple I know from West Virginia 700 miles away. That was absolutely crazy! The entire day was "full-on" journey including the feeling of being far away from anything familiar with no place to return to. We passed a place selling fresh shrimp and pumpkins? At this time of year, pumpkins? Still, I need to get more into a travel groove like not leave my money, passport and important papers in any motel room. It is important to carry everything on me everywhere. There were over twenty five people on the Traveling Piano today all in different random spots.

January 22, 2014

Hardeeville, South Carolina

It was stupid of me to think that I could drive nonstop fourteen hours and be ok the next day. I drank water, stopped to stretch and walk... along the way took herbal extracts for exhaustion, vision, arm and shoulder aches... had healthy food, kept aware of my sitting posture, made sure to take deep breaths. After I arrived, I fell asleep about four in the afternoon woke up twice through the night feeling nausea with really serious aches around my waist and in my groin area. Knowing I was in trouble, thank God I had the right drugs although I have not used them for over a year so I did not know if they were still potent. In the morning I woke up feeling better but physically very vulnerable. I had been awake for a day and a half.

There was a civil argument going on between people and I could not tell if it was from the room next to me or outside my door. It was both. Six people, that of Indian, African American and Puerto Rican decent were arguing about room cleaning because management does not want to clean the room everyday for long term renters. Motels now a days are being used more by homeless people than travelers. I could tell the arguing was not going to stop for a long time so I opened my door and with a "Danny" sense of humor broke in with, "Whats with all the noise!" The entire focus transferred onto me which transferred onto the Traveling Piano parked in front of us and before I got to take my morning pee we were all on the truck with the piano going and picture taking. So much for the quiet room I adamantly requested.

I was told we were in a high drug dealer/user town and I had the best/safest room because of the visibility in facing the highway. No wonder the motel prices are so inexpensive everywhere around the area! There's a young twenty two year old black girl along with her one year old baby staying in the room next to me. Her white 40 year old boyfriend I think was working. The weather turned cold last night. A woman in her 40's who knew the couple had been staying in a camper along the highway with no heat got them the room and was staying with them. This woman made an immediate move on me asking if I was available and I immediately told her I was gay to keep her at bay. Ha, but she threw herself on me anyway as in loving gays. LOL, I had food with me from the place in West Virginia because I just cannot throw away food but it was taking up space in the truck that I do not have... so I gave it to them. Later a delivery guy pulled up in a brand new monster van delivering take out food. That looked weird but I was not about to ask questions. An intimate conversation with life details, trials, tribulations and tears began but after about fifteen minutes I had to stop because my energy was draining. I can truly say my gratitude can be no greater than when people especially strangers open up and trust me with what is going on in their lives. I think that comes from a family that was all about secrets and letting no one know anything but what there was to brag about. I never liked that. Life is more enjoyable as an open book all around for better or worse. The woman was telling me how exhausted she was and had son with issues and her day began very shitty. When I was creating music for the motel workers she went into her room but kept the door open because she wanted to fall asleep to my music having turned her day totally around. The hotels cleaning people jumped onto the truck to play and have a picture taken. I turned on the speaker and the wires had snapped off, ugh. But somehow I got the connection to work temporarily. Mo is jumping off the wall with fun and unpredictable stimulation.

January 21, 2014

Hardeeville, South Carolina

After twelve hours of cleaning and packing of what would have taken two hours to do ten years ago... we left Berkeley Springs, West Virginia at 11:00 at night. I almost cried. It was sad, difficult and totally out of my comfort zone. Even though this journey of travel has been going on for years now, when I stay anywhere for more than a week I become almost totally complacent. In heading out from freezing temperatures and a little frustrated from all the cold with clouds and snow everyday, I was afraid to experience warmth and sunshine. This is partly an age issue I am sure of it now being almost sixty years old. I was really paranoid about getting out and onto a major highway before another snow storm hit. It was due in four hours, a foot of snow. As I did the slow shuffle through the day while getting ready, my niece called. She had no idea what was going on but I knew a higher power than both of us created that connection so I could feel some personal love in my day. Then when it came time for me to roll up a very heavy rug on the floor (the most dreaded thing to deal with) ...with perfect timing my friend Jeff who is a phone repair guy in the area showed up to work on a nearby neighbors phone. He had no idea I was leaving. The rug got put away in less than four minutes and I got another shot of validating friendship. When I was ready to leave another friend called out of thin air. I think three people calling me in one day has happened no more than three times in my life! Ha, I was being given a message of validation and reassurance from the universe. We took to the road and I was glad it was happening overnight because there was little traffic to deal with. About five in the morning, heading south somewhere I think it was North Carolina I stopped for gas. While watching the engine heat gage all the time I had noticed an hour earlier it had been totally cold but was now the dial had shot up to the normal position. After getting the gas, I started the car and popped the hood at the same time while saying, "what the hell did you do that for?" Then as I had to get out of the truck to close the hood I figured I might as well check the oil gage. There was no reading, there was no oil in the engine. Talk about intuitive living. I'm so glad I went with the impulse to check the oil gage. It was just another clear sign that more is going on with my life than what meets the eye. Constantly I am able to feel nudging, gentle prodding, directing, validation, reassurance and care for this life journey of mine.

While driving in a somewhat daze for like the third or fourth time in my life I saw the sun rise. The first three rest stops where we stopped I got chills from the night air then when we were south enough I finally found the temperature too warm for my winter coat. There was some green grass and blooming dandelions. The first thing I noticed in the warmer air was smells that were new to me. I think it had to do with the evergreens and other life living in marsh land. The smells were sweet yet sour. Even though I knew the chances for finding an inexpensive place that was really nice to stay in were slim, I decided to ask the tourist office for assistance. They gave me a coupon book for motels. I forgot about these books, they can be helpful. There were two great prices to be had that accept dogs without an extra fee but they were a three hour drive further away, then again only a couple miles from Savannah, Georgia. This city has been calling my name in my dreams for over a year and a half. In heading for Florida with no agenda as to where I am going... why not stop in Georgia for a few days? I was throughly exhausted and was not sure I could make it three more hours. With the sun out it was warm enough for the first time in a long while to spend time in it. Mo and I laid on top of a picnic table with the sun on our faces for a few minutes of sleep. Once we got going again, I checked out a motel in a really trashed town because I was not sure I could go on. They wanted a dog fee. I have a problem with motels ripping people off for dog fees. We headed for the three hour drive to Savannah. I called a few friends on the phone to help stay awake. Mo and I were not tired and in fact we were energized on arrival. The first hotel we checked out was a bit scary in every way. The second had a quiet inside, upstairs room but I could not open the window for air. That is a big problem for any motel room that is not a four star. Fresh air is a must. I choose a bottom room floor even though I knew someone would probably be tramping around above us all night. The room had a super disinfectant smell but I could leave the door open to try and air the room out. The highway traffic sounds were not too bad, especially with my ear plugs for sleeping and it was a better choice then inside on the second floor. I could bring all the trucks contents inside while being parked about six feet from the door. "Easy" being the operative word verses carrying everything a distance as well as up and down a stairwell a hundred or so times. The truck is so packed with supplies there is no room for people to get to the piano. I'll work all that out I just need to see what I have and then repack it all so there is accessibility to my supplies for immediate, interim and then long term needs.

January 20, 2014

Route 95 Going South

I woke up and said, "I'm outta here, I'm leaving, I'm packing everything up, throwing everything I need into the truck and getting out before the snowstorm starts, heading south to where... basically Florida to finish the Traveling Piano in America bucket list."

January 19, 2014

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

So I originally wanted to leave tomorrow and head to Florida but do not want to leave without feeling set. Then my friend Cindy called to say family is coming to use the place on Tuesday. The original plan was for the end of the month. That threw my head into areal frenzy. Leave??? Then I began to play out all scenarios. Another snow storm was coming. I could just throw everything into the truck and head to Philly where I could stay with Cindy for three days to get everything organized but then again I really need to be alone to do that. I could pay for a hotel room nearby and go back after the family left. (they plan on being there for three days) But that would mean unpacking everything for a week or so until I got ready then repacking everything again. Wherever I was going to stay I would probably get stuck there for a few extra days because of the snow storm. Then I was thinking about my comfort zone so I would bring a couple of my throw rugs to make the room seem homey-ish. Going crazy with ridiculous thoughts and all about not going anywhere... afraid to leave my comfort zone.

January 18, 2014

I went to create backups today and found that I had no data for two years worth of the blog having probably backed up over them sometime in the past. I have four backups of everything must must back up all four hard drives every time because I have so much data. This hurts and bother me allot. Thank God I have the information online on my server but still, there is probably allot of data missing. Its good I don't know what that data was. But it all still is very painful because I try so hard to keep everything up to date and functional.

January 17, 2014

January 16, 2014

While practicing some old stride piano with a metronome I was going so slow I found myself being able to visualize what I was doing with my eyes closed. This was a first and excited me so much I had to stop. I couldn't take the energy surge. What happened has always been a challenge for my life. I cut off the flow because... also today the sun was out. It was too clod to create music outdoors but I found a truck mechanic to deal with the engine when its time. So if I break down wherever the present plan is to tow the truck back to where I have been staying in West Virginia to get it done. My friend jeff came over to help put some shingles on the roof of where I've been staying because water is beginning to come through the ceiling!

January 15, 2014

A friend sent some fun money and with it I purchased some Smoked Alaskan Salmon, clothes I've been wanting for some time, herbal remedies that worked well for me when I was down in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and a music cd. Treating oneself every once in a while is a must me thinks. While getting ready in my mind for heavy on the road work in the coming month I've really been thinking about my neediness compared to when I first began this journey. I'm not any needier but I am without question in greater need concerning necessities for doing the best job I can in life. For me there is a difference between feeling needy and having actual needs.

January 14, 2014

Took a ride to Winchester, VA to see a movie, had dinner with a friend, went for a walk... along with the usual music. I passed a water fall I've seen many times in the distance through the trees but today the light on it looked different. I took the time to stop and go out of my way to take some pictures and I'm glad I did. When I post the larger resolutions to the galleries, check them out. They turned out awesome. The pine trees all around here in West Virginia will soon be gone soon. The pine beetle that has destroyed so much on the west coast and in middle America greenery has reached this area. The small trees are all turning brown, the big ones are next.

January 13, 2014

I sat down to practice music (rare) thinking how good it felt to know what to do. Often in a day my mind blanks out and becomes lost but I know I can always practice. When I finish a task often I don't know what to do with myself. There is a kitchen timer I've been using that I set to an hour for practice so I don't need to think about time. Sometimes I think about how much I have to do, so many things... that I can't do anything because I'm so focused on everything. When I sit at the piano I must remember to sit straight and not too long because when I get up... the stiffness and pain, wow.

January 12, 2014

January 11, 2014

My friend Dan stopped by today as I wanted to use him with my ongoing experiment in creating music through headphones in an isolated/insulated environment for and with just one other person. I had about five hours sleep so I was concerned about the energy but as I must always remember, when I am living music, especially with another person I always have as much energy as I want. I was aware of the time spent playing and topped out at about twenty minutes. That has been the usual for each session. Easily, I can make it as long as needed but it would be necessary to build little by little over time. During the session an enormous amount of fun energy came over me not from the music but from spirit through the music. Afterwards Dan was telling me about an unusual state he has been in all week, a wave more than ever before of joy, energy and empowerment. I knew in an instant what had happened. Usually it is me imparting my energy to other people. Today Dan's energy connected with me and I got all his good stuff... through music. Very interesting...

January 10, 2014

Got out of bed. Got into the recliner. Got out of the recliner. Got into Bed.

January 09, 2014

Whenever I have thoughts like... I never thought this would happen, or that I would be where I am, or I'd be doing this or that... in reality I'm simply not conscious of my thoughts, the facts. I practiced piano for an hour today. I worked with about ten seconds worth of an old stride piano piece I used to perform. That felt good. I used the built in metronome on the piano and played the musical section over and over taking the speed up one notch at a time. There are many reasons... age, lack of energy, loss of technique, out of practice with mental focus concerning... these days the faster my fingers play the more still I must keep my mind and body. Its sort of like when I watch newer movies sometimes, the action and visuals move so fast I can't take it all in. Life's moving faster and faster but I sure as hell am not! I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing or... it is what it is. I like the last option. I used my entire body all the time to create music when I used to perform. Now when I improvise I still use my body but in a different way. In order to relearn my old repertoire I must go back to the days of thinking more about structure, focus on the notes and being able to see where where my hands are going on the keyboard. I'm trying to tell myself that age is not a factor but I think it is... big time.

January 08, 2014

The "Polar Vortex" that has been happening... its really been cold. It is minus zero outside. There is no going anywhere because the truck has no power in ice and snow like in the early days. Everything except the wind is silent. Sounds made are loud and crisp. They almost echo. With the sun out, visual life is full of clarity. Having Mo with me means everything. We play together on the floor every day and he spends most of his time in my lap while I'm wearing thermal socks with slippers. We're using space heaters, a goose down comforter, candles,,, its been warm! This will be the coldest temperatures ever for the piano and equipment and the truck... ha, it will be interesting once it warms up enough to see if it all works.

January 07, 2014

Animals do not seem to need transparency although I would not know. They do have the same issues as people. Right now as I am writing this with Mo laying between my legs in a recliner. We are minding our own business and... deer are circling us twenty feet away outside. They stops every so often in different spots not hiding or anything. Sometimes they stand right in front of us while stamping one of its hoofs on the ground or against a fallen tree stump. They snort at us loudly to say, "get out of our territory." Probably because there are babies to protect. But... she is instigating trouble more from me than Mo. Ha, so I am resisting opening the door and telling Mo to "Go after and get them!" He would like to. I mean, we were here first, she's only a few years old and... who's ancestors were here first? We own this spot! I've been inside fro a while because of the cold, I think I may be getting cabin fever!

January 06, 2014

I want a name for a "non-business" world. A "sharing" world does not work. People tend to be or fluctuate between the two worldly states. Giving the name "spiritual" to it creates all kinds of misleading connotations because people often confuse spirituality with religion. The bottom line is that I want to live in a "transparent" world and that is what I best have to offer through myself, a transparent world of enjoyment. A business world creates a life of ownership. Ha, I'll say it... a spiritual world creates a life of sharing. I want for myself and everyone else to see the transparency of it all. This journey has been a way to survive with transparency.

January 05, 2014

It is important for me to find ways to work with and in all the dysfunctions of life including my own. Disconnecting myself and isolating... going my own way entirely is an illusional way that serves no purpose and can be destructive all around. It is also very lonely. The only thing I can figure to do for now is the best I can to remain a person that shares first and foremost and not not a person who "works" a business, all about business and... keep the transparency of that fact to the best of my ability. I want to say there are many, many people like myself in the world. There is a difference between a business and nonbusiness in how people operate. It is possible to operate from both ways. If it is possible to live life all about business. It is also possible to live life all "not" about business. It is possible to live a successful, fulfilling and enjoyable life in a productive balance of both.

January 04, 2014

In thinking about what I have to offer for life concerning a legacy of my "own" for people to have after I leave... I grabble with... if and how much the internet plays in it all. Is my connection to the internet necessary, important for the future? Certainly now... it helps get my word, spirit and actions out into the world. Just how much effort do I want to continue putting into it and why? Today, it is so important for me to stay conscious and not to get caught up in all the business of the internet which translates into an impulse to try and protect my work and keep myself visible. When you type "Traveling Piano" into most search engines these days the words are now being directed to different business sites that have nothing to do with the Traveling Piano. My internet presence is becoming lower and lower on the totem pole because... I am not selling anything not creating business for business. I remember how in the beginning the internet was about educational people. Then it became about people connecting for different reasons like friendship, family with personal websites, people connected with "like" interests... sex for example, barter and exchange, the sale of personal items... that is all still there but now it is becoming about people dominating and controlling through business... tracking is the biggest industry. I am finding that everything on the internet is becoming less and less about sharing unless attached to a business agenda with obligation and expectation. So... how much do I want to be a part of it... certainly not enough to try and change, manipulate, save or play the domination game myself. I am not even into damage control.

January 03, 2014

I wanted to go for a walk with Mo but last time when it was this cold, it was too much for him. He has very little hair on his belly and with his feet deep in icy snow for an hour, he gets sick. I put on the mitts he wears when sitting still in cold weather on top of the piano wanting to see if they would stay on and if he could run in them... it worked! This dog is totally amazing. A women made these mitts for him up in the Yukon region of Canada. I used to think dogs wearing stuff like this was gross but it really came in handy when we were in Alaska and now also...

January 02, 2014

Fierce! Massive! Strong! Dumps! Winter Storm! Wallops! Slams! Major! Stiff! Frigid Temperatures! Snow Accumulates On An F-16!!! Brunt! Worst! Threatening! Emergency Centers Filling Up! States of Emergency DECLARED!!!!!!!! 2 Feet of Snow... Everyone is going to DIE! Take cover! Don't leave the house! ...just like last year and every year since the beginning of time... I love a good blizzard, the colder the better. (as long as I can be warm in it) A front page headline... Snow Accumulates On An F-16... the American military capability is being hampered by snow, be afraid... how ridiculous can it get? lol...

January 01, 2014

I don't know what came over me today, I think it was seeing the sun out for a few minutes and then that the temperature was forty two degrees, cold but not too cold. I had no plan to go out but felt propelled into it. Being the first day of the year I wanted to get out for a walk with Mo and also wanted to try out playing the piano with my new pair of gloves with the finger tips cut out. For a good hour I meditated through musical patterns playing at a vortex next to a lake in Cacapon Park, West Virginia. Mo had his coat on and wow, I can now play in the freezing cold once again with the gloves. A family happened along with a new pup so Mo got to play with another dog, I got to play with music and the first family of the year to find us also got to play. It also feels good to get the new year format setup and completed for the website. Eight full years, lol I cannot imagine how it will continue but feel so much now that the journey needs to last a full ten years. It feels like I did not do very much in 2013, but I also realize that the amount is not as important as the fact that I am still "doing."